Poetry Series (2) fieldwork

2021-04-29 00:22:13  作者:Life journey

《 field 》

The fields of my hometown

It was a childhood paradise

There are mountains on the left

There's a river on the right

There are blue sky and white clouds on it

There's fertile soil down there

Walk along the mountain

On the winding path

Pines and cypresses are evergreen

There is a sea of bamboo

Stone Ridge not far away

It's a barn in the village

Wait until the harvest season

It's a busy scene

Down the river

Sometimes the current is fast

Sometimes it's as quiet as a lake

The sand and stones at the bottom of the river are clearly visible

The willows on the bank are reflected in them

Fish are busy shuttling

The shrimp doesn't move

Each has its own happiness

——2021 year 4 month 29 Japan

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