In the evening

2021-04-29 00:18:58  作者:Photography

A hard day , Will the past ...

Today on wechat and DN Goodbye, sister , Their family moved to Hangzhou , May they go there , All is well !

On the ground , We're all tourists , So don't worry too much about a lot of things , There is nothing new under the sun !

It's just , Just do your best and try your best !

morning , Walking on the road , I'm thinking 、 When you think for yourself , There is no altruism ? With kindness and love ?

If for something 、 Someone without love and tolerance , We should reflect on it immediately !

Beijing in April , be neither hot nor cold , It's especially suitable for outings !

It seems that there hasn't been a family for a long time , Maybe many people have taken a walk in nature together ?

Persuade oneself , Always be in awe of nature and the environment !

Like looking at the sky , Trees , flowers , cloud ...

My heart is full of joy !

The uncanny work of nature , Always generous to everyone , Whatever your age , status , Gender , It's all the same , Treat fairly !

therefore , Communicate with nature , It also sticks to its harmony and indifference !

No matter what the situation is , Be happy !

Out of the window , The scenery is unique !

Changeable clouds , Where are they going for dinner ?

Looking at the sky through the subway ...

You see , The sun and the clouds are playing !

Busy at work , Is it cured by the clouds in the sky ?

The sky at the subway entrance , It's a bit of a fantasy ...

Dark clouds seem to envelop the sun , What does the sun think , Still in no hurry !

Purple clouds , Do you have the impulse to sing a song ?

Wild flowers by the road , Look at me with a smile !

I look at them politely !

How are you today ?

Every day when I pass by the scenery here , Are you grateful ?

What angle to choose , What pictures are left behind !

It's just that the mystery of the sky can't be explored !

When the wind blows , Willow leaves are dancing !

I put my head up , The heart of seeing is colorful !

What does it look like ?

Actually, I have the answer !