Life is good. I'm great

2021-04-28 23:47:52  作者:Photography

Everyone's birth is “ be born ”, No one is born with a smile . So for life , No one can smile all the time , acid 、 sweet 、 bitter 、 spicy 、 Salty is the flavor of life , It's like firewood, rice, oil, salt, soy sauce, vinegar and tea in life ,“ sugar ” It's Polai's additive .

In a sentence often said by friends “ You are not me , You don't have my experience , So you ask me , I told you, you don't know .” But I think , It doesn't mean you don't want people to know , But rather , I'll tell you when I want to , It's no use asking me when I don't want to , Because you can't empathize, you can only imagine and guess . Today I want to try to write it , For everyone who recognizes me and likes me , And what I've been in contact with 、 I'm in contact with 、 People who are about to come into contact say :

Original picture : memory

For my growth , No ambition , It's not as plain as water , I'm just normal 14 A member of the population . For my growing up experience , Cannot do without “ School ” Two words . Like most children growing up in the countryside , I'm also a left behind child , The difference is , Others are brought up by grandparents or grandparents , And I'm not the same. I chose my aunt . From preschool to fifth grade , I'm in a place called “ Houban primary school ” I went to a rural school in Beijing , In the sixth grade, I went far away “ Xiban nongzhong ”, Maybe I can't stand the wind, rain or snow , I have to get up early every day and ride my bike for 40 or 50 minutes to go to school . So at the instigation of my cousin , He proposed to his mother to go to a full-time closed management school . I'm glad I made such a choice , Successfully study in “ Private wellyn school ” He's a nine-year school , Paramilitary management , It opened my encounter with art from here , The opening of character , The bud of youth , And the construction of self-discipline psychology . And the use of hobbies smoothly admitted to our city's new “ Shangrao middle school ” It opened my deep and infatuation with art , After that, he successfully entered a good university in China “ Wuhan University of technology ”. I don't have too much pressure in my study career 、 There are no cram schools 、 No, “ Somebody else's child ”、 Without parents' thoughts , All of it , It's all about doing what you want to do , And it's only natural that we can succeed . Thank you very much for your parents “ Stocking . don 't worry . let go ”, That's who I am now .

Original picture : Under the eaves

In foster childhood , My aunt is very kind to me , It's better than taking care of yourself . My aunt has four daughters , The youngest is two years older than me , She was my childhood nightmare 、 Adult friends 、 Now my daughter's mother . When I was a child, my parents worked outside , So every winter and summer vacation is a happy time for my childhood . All say “ A mother's child is like a treasure ” There's food and drink around mom 、 There is meticulous care and care , And the world outside . For the sisters , I have new clothes and pants every year 、 New stationery and schoolbags . Because of their large population base , In those not rich times , Only in the new three years 、 Three years old 、 The stitches were mended for another three years . Because of the youngest , All of them will contain me , My aunt will tell my sisters to be responsible for the safety of my going to and from school ; Every time I buy food, I will be the first to make it ready for me “ Hurry up and eat ”; In winter , I always wear the most clothes , Four or five things, stupid like a bear ; I know my curiosity is heavy , Sometimes I tell ghost stories at night . Just like any team , Getting along with my sisters naturally has a lot of frustrations and frictions , It should be said that eating, drinking and playing will have . Friction doesn't affect growth , We also grow up laughing and grieving , Looking at friends around me from acquaintance to departure 、 Family from prime to old age 、 Toys from trend to history . All of this is my experience , My personal history , It is also a fragment in the long history of the times , I'm lucky I'm still alive , And live well .

Original picture : Spring in the branches and leaves

If people are divided into seven years , So I did a great job at every stage .

Looking back over the past 20 years , First of all, I'd like to thank my mom for being my mom , She is my first teacher and the best teacher of my life . From birth , I have a stronger body than ordinary children , Born more than eight Jin . At that time, hospital cesarean section was not popular , I gave birth in my grandmother's home , It was the hottest day of the year . No matter how hard it is to be pregnant in October , On the day I was born, I don't know how much my mother suffered from giving birth to this fat baby . For the first seven years, I set up a myriad of love in my life , Neither uncle nor uncles have children yet , I'm their toy , It also laid the foundation for my life's character ——— Lively and lovely , Cheerful and easygoing .7 The best situation after the age of 20 is to meet a good teacher of enlightenment : My primary school only has Chinese and mathematics , Or a couple party , Memory is very strict with me . They let me know my weakness and I'm not different . To 14 At the age of , I accept my change , Under the worry of the growing up of the second sexual characteristics, we have the understanding of the accessible things in the world , Another kind of relational observation and experience . With feelings of like and dislike , inquiry “ Love ” And “ like ” The difference between , There are a group of roommates of the same age who accompany me to grow up . I started thinking about the world , At the same time, with doubts about the way society works, I entered my third stage .15—21 year , I started to wake up my outlook on life 、 World view 、 sense of worth , Also began to think about the future life and confusion , What follows is the confusion and confusion about entering the society . At this age , I have some very good love attempts , Experience a lot of friends 、 disjoint 、 Love for each other , Thank you for your parents . And now , I entered the fourth stage of my life 22—28 year . This stage , I need to start learning to take responsibility , Own your own business , Stabilize your life direction , Maybe you'll have a lover and a family of your own . I'm fighting and fighting , Maybe we will meet a lot of changes and difficulties , But the self breakthrough without fear of difficulties and dangers helps me grow up , She's my armor for the rest of my life .