A new understanding of Panax notoginseng

2021-04-28 23:43:39  作者:Photography

I know very little about wild vegetables , Before this year, I had hardly eaten any so-called wild vegetables , For the first time this year “ Noodles ”, It's steamed with white flour , Not bad ! Good to eat , Listen to mom, there are other ways , For example, blanch it in hot water and then mix it cold , It can also be mixed with meat to make dumplings , In short, there are many ways to eat .

Some time ago, my husband didn't know where he came back from , I saw three seven , And pulled some back , Before I only knew that Panax notoginseng is a medicinal material , I don't know if I can stir fry it , The leaves are a bit like spinach , The diameter will turn yellowish after frying , It tastes sour , It's delicious , This is the second time to eat wild vegetables , I've learned a lot . Today, in the green area of the community , I also saw the very thick Panax notoginseng ! Come back and gather with my husband when to fry some back . Ha ha ha ha