Today's thinking and collection of golden sentences

2021-04-28 23:43:31  作者:Photography

There is a saying : Without suffering from others , Don't persuade others to be good . It means not standing in the position of others to feel , Or have not experienced the experience of others , Don't try to persuade others to be generous and do good . As an adult , Learn to be silent in time and shut up , It's not just a culture , It's more of an ability .

Everyone experiences moments of being alone , And on this road , What are the ? What's going to happen ? No one can feel it , And there's no real empathy in the world , Some of them are just emotional .

Your views and opinions , It's your environment and experience that you sum up 、 I feel it , Not necessarily for others . Respect any independent soul , It's high quality .

Collection of golden sentences

Mencius once said :“ Human suffering , Being a good teacher .”

Pavlov also admonished the world :“ No matter when , Never think you know everything .”

Getting married doesn't necessarily require expensive diamond rings and luxurious dinners , The person around you , Actually, it's the most important .

In the world of others , We are always summer insects , It's hard to understand each other's ice .

Lev · Tolstoy once said :“ You are not me , How can I know the way I've walked , Bitterness and happiness in heart .”

One's best accomplishment , That is, never rush to dictate other people's lives , Don't judge others' choices casually .

Accept other people's “ Don't like ”, Accept other people's different ways of living , It's respect for others , For oneself, it is a kind of cultivation .

Kant once said :“ I respect any independent soul , Although I don't approve of some , But I can understand as much as I can .”