If you are not brave, who will be strong for you

2021-04-28 23:39:13  作者:Life journey

Love it 《 One hundred years of solitude 》 It's a passage from :

All the brilliance in life , Will use loneliness to repay

Life is a journey alone

One's maturity is not how sociable you are

But you know how to shake hands and make peace with loneliness

Before loneliness is confusion

After loneliness is growth

Yeah , As everyone grows up , You will find that there are fewer and fewer friends around you , No one said what they wanted to say , I don't want to do what I want to do , I left myself with boundless loneliness . Always think of those friends who have nothing to talk about before , Now I don't even have the courage to send a message , Just afraid to disturb others . original , Adults are not happy either , I grew up envious , It's just humbling ……

Sometimes I think , It's tiring to live like this , But who is not ? The beautiful world is also worth yearning for , What we can do is to face the loneliness bravely , To live a lonely and optimistic life , One can live well too , Eat what you want to eat , Read what you want to read , Do what you've always wanted to do but hesitated to do , After all , I am my best companion .

If you are not brave , Who is strong for you . Loneliness is also a process of growth , Stay away from the noise , Do your , Is the best answer to it .

May we all shake hands and make peace with loneliness , Pursue your own brilliant life ,

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