Happy fourth anniversary

2021-04-28 23:36:58  作者:Photography

I want to do a romantic thing

Record all the photos of our life

This is our first time together 20 A group photo

Photo time 2011 year 11 month 19 Number

today Our anniversary of love

today Four years together

I remember just being together

We are counting the days Time to celebrate together

A month Two months …… 100 God 200 God ……

Monthly 19 We're going to celebrate it

It's like every time 19 Number It's like a breakthrough. Ha ha

Now Four years

We all experienced an important graduation in our lives ( Graduated from the university )

Four years Our love It's not " graduation " Once

Today I was at school Baby's at home We can't meet

But get up early in the morning I'm just excited

Happy information baby "loving you" And then I started reading crazy

I feel happy inside Even learning is more exciting. Ha ha

After reading for an hour

Baby's calling ! He said it's right in front of the school !

I didn't expect it to pop up Big surprise !

What's more, I didn't expect And gifts ! chocolate + A lottery ticket !

Chocolate is what I love And the lottery !

The other day Downstairs at baby's house I saw a shop selling lottery tickets

I said casually

"19 I bought a lottery ticket that day , The number is 2011-11-19! Isn't it fun ! Use this to celebrate our fourth anniversary ! We won't exchange it if we win the lottery ! Ha ha ha "

ha-ha someone Pay for my stupid idea

today I write in my diary

" I've seen other people say : If there is love in the world , So the relationship between us must be ; If there is no love in the world , So what we create must be !

Thank you , Let me believe these beautiful words without hesitation ."

Group photo It was taken by passers-by when I was excited

I have chocolate and lottery tickets in my hand

We're on campus

Although I can't bear to look straight at it But it has to be treasured

Happy love We are happy