She said

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Four-line poem with seven characters to a line and a strict tonal pattern and rhyme scheme She said

( Write for your classmates ……)

Someone's with me at dusk , How warm is the porridge on my plate .

Yesterday is a story , The moon is full of flowers .

( Chinese Tongyun )

( A virtuous classmate . After my husband cheated on me , There was no noise 、 No self abuse , It's a quiet divorce , Leave a man who doesn't know how to cherish her …… God always favors good people , Soon after, she met a good man who knew she loved her and protected her ! Bless her with this poem : The rest of my life back , Years static good ……)

The sky is clear . The rest of my life back

Xiaoqiao, Shanshui, Yunxi .

The bamboo hall is full of grass .

Ten li peach blossom falls poem .

Three meals and four seasons .

Two people are close to each other .

( Ci Lin Zhengyun , Georgi body )

Postscript :

There's a song that says : Time is a journey never to return , The good and the bad are the scenery …… No more sighing , Who is asking how many flowers fall in the dream ? No longer pursuing , Who is sighing about the time of flowers outside the dream ? After many years , Time is a story , Fate comes, fate goes , Flowers bloom and fall , Fireworks in the world , It's just normal …………

Gathering and dispersing are like water , Wave , The distant back does not take away a cloud . This life is too short , Think twice , Not enough hesitation . Endless thoughts , Acacia is too long , Look at the vast expanse behind you , Hook up the eternal love , Crush the half curtain dream . All kinds of stories in the world of mortals , But love hurts , Yishui people go to the ends of the earth , But the moon is frost ……

Time flies , Prosperous for a period of time , Mottled a season of life . The story of time , Level and tone , The tone is flat , Remember in plain words ……

Life is short , There are many puzzles in life , After ups and downs , Practice quietly in the world of mortals , Let Wenrun become the inner scenery . Maybe so , The rest of life is simple and happy ……

( Network funny golden sentence , It's also a reality ……)

Whether marriage is a tragedy or a comedy , The audience always thinks they are watching comedy , Actors always feel that they are acting tragedies .

Men don't like the maze of marriage , I prefer marriage to harem .

Before a man gets married, there are very few women he thinks fit for him , There are many women who feel suitable for themselves after marriage .

Marriage is regular : First year , The husband talks , Wife, listen ; In the second year , Wife talking , Husband, listen ; The third year , They both talk , The neighbors listen .

The benefits of marriage , You always have a place of your own , The problem is that it's the only place you'll ever have .

Emotional things You can be brave But I really can't handle it with care .

No dynamic days are in serious life , Poetry and distance are always in my heart ……

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