The enemy's quick "stab in the back"

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A street in the villa area of Qinhuangdao (2015 Annual shooting )

Today is the birthday of simplified Chinese characters .

1956 year 1 month 28 Japan, mainland China passed 《 Simplified word list 》, Starting to simplify Chinese characters .

Come on 60 After the parents go to school, reading is also a simplified word for learning , I didn't see the old book of traditional Chinese characters until I worked for many years , The first time I read a book with traditional Chinese characters , Tired , Because I don't know many words ....

Simplified Chinese characters are a man-made sword to the Chinese excellent traditional culture , Let the relatives hurt the enemies quickly .

Because since the implementation of simplified Chinese characters , Educated people are in a state of semi illiteracy , I can't understand the ancient calligraphy , I can't understand the article of pilgrimage . Sad and sad ! Up to now, those who have been educated in traditional Chinese characters , Most of them are dead , There has been a serious fault in cultural heritage .

At the beginning, it was to simplify Chinese characters for literacy and easy to write and remember , I think we can transform and simplify Chinese characters when necessary , But the evolution of words 、 Transformation should be based on the meaning of each word , We should adopt six methods : Pictograph 、 Tell the truth 、 I understand 、 Transfer notes 、 There are six ways to transform characters: pictophonetic and parody , Let Philosophy 、 Laws can still be expressed intuitively through words , It's easy to understand , It can still enlighten people's wisdom , Inheritance tells posterity 、 The laws of the universe and the principles of life .

Otherwise , That is to say, it's a random change , When we simplified Chinese characters , The word is just a symbol , Many simplified words are simplified for the sake of simplification , It ignores the enlightening wisdom and the law information of the natural universe carried by words .

In fact, there is no need to simplify the traditional Chinese characters , as long as 《 Speaking and explaining words 》 Become a compulsory course in primary school , When you learn words, you know why , I'll never forget it .

I think traditional Chinese characters are complex and difficult to remember , Because now learning words is rote learning , Abandoned the good teaching methods of ancient times .

Restore the excellent traditional Chinese culture , Reviving Chinese excellent traditional culture , Without reforming the current education system and methods , To really revive the excellent traditional Chinese culture may be just a dream that is hard to realize ! It's a waste of effort because of the wrong method !

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Geng Chen 2021.01.28

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