Why are we less and less anxious to change mobile phones?

2021-04-28 23:10:40  作者:Photography

Why people are less and less anxious to change their mobile phones ?

Because the main reason is :

1、 More and more people see through .

I think that's the main reason .

Mobile phones more than a decade ago , Flip 、 Flat 、 Flat push , Folded , It's gorgeous , Each function has its own emphasis , From color to manufacturer , A hundred flowers are blooming . Japanese manufacturers , European and American manufacturers , Chinese manufacturers , There are many manufacturers in South Korea .

At that time, the mobile phone system was out of date , But personalization is complicated . There's something to look at , There are also leaders , It's also very personal to use . Besides being practical and convenient , It's colorful . Plus the popular models , Mobile phones have become synonymous with personalization .

Now ? The computer —— Especially laptops are getting closer to mobile phones , Mobile phones are more and more like computers , Powerful and single in form .

Serious homogenization , As a result, people are not interested in frequent replacement .

2、 secondly , Mobile hardware is maturing .

In the beginning, the smart phones jammed frequently 、 It's not easy to use because the hardware can't support the software upgrade , That is, the development of hardware is slow while that of software is fast . So people change machines more often .

now , This problem can be said to have been well solved , Of course, on the premise that you reduce the blind installation of a large number of applications . otherwise , Still stuck .

3、 The fashion of mobile phones .

To put it bluntly , The vast majority of mobile phones have already gone beyond the scope of people's use , That is to say, mobile phones are being updated very quickly , And people change it less often .

On the one hand, people feel that they have enough mobile phones in their hands . On the other hand ? In exchange , It's not that I'm going to trade my hard money for fashion ?! What's the real value ?! People's consumption has become increasingly rational .

Although manufacturers are desperately updating , Change a lot of fancy gimmicks , Trying to fashion mobile phones , Advocating a one and a half year mobile phone life , Most people , Especially the middle-aged and the elderly, and some rational young people have already realized the importance of rational consumption . If you want to keep up with the fashion in Electronics , Your money will never be enough ! Even if it's fashionable , What's the point ?!

4、 Let's take a look at people who change their cell phones frequently .

One type is fashionable young people , Especially don't understand the joys and sorrows of life 、 Students who don't care about spending money ; What about the other ? People who are rich and bored —— Trying to get entertainment and satisfaction .

Actually , Besides spending money , There is nothing else to gain . Because there is no such thing as two thousand yuan mobile phone can't do but three thousand yuan mobile phone can do .

If , Understand the scientific and rational use of mobile phones , Besides care and protection , Now the mid-range mobile phone with a two or three years mostly no problem . Mobile phone homogenization , It also makes the manufacturing capacity more and more concentrated in the hands of several large manufacturers , Shanzhai machine 、 It's hard for small brands to survive , That's why mobile phones are becoming more durable .

By ashang Qingzi

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