The rule of elasticity in life

2021-04-28 22:51:46  作者:Photography

Pursue a life full of elasticity , Better than the tense mystery - Xuemin

It was cold in the shade, but not cold , It's sunny but not hot . It's a stretch dress , The whole person also becomes relaxed and comfortable , Bring the activity space to become more extensive extension . So it also induced some thinking : Such a comfortable feeling , It's like the way of doing things when you are mature . First, the pursuit of flexibility brings gentle coercion to the body . The second is to enjoy the space comfort brought by elasticity .

I think You don't have to think and feel in the storm , Every tiny day can bring a different throb , Maybe it's useless , But trying to move yourself is also an ability .

In terms of the mood in recent years , The benefit of growth is Flexibility one or two , Inclusive seven or eight . Then how to look at the one two and seven eight ? I think it's always self consistent as far as I'm concerned .

Look at the rubber band , It's very elastic , You can play around and up and down without limit . Actually, it's the same way to get along with others . If you're relatively elastic , You can look at things from different angles . It's not as good as putting yourself in a certain basic model to understand the world . Don't always stretch a string , It will break after a long time . When both ends of oneself can touch the world outside oneself , Your vision will be relatively broad . Unfixed , No template , Life is a one-way ticket , It's unique , That's great .

Another example , You have to fight yourself . We often talk about the beginning as the end , But I think starting with the end , More suitable for our goal results . The environment is complex , You don't even know the future , How to stick to the present . Ordinary people should do what ordinary people do . What kind of person do you want to be , So what to do now , Because most ordinary people don't know what kind of life they may want until they are adults .

therefore , Life needs flexibility , Don't always rush to prove yourself and seek established results .20 People I haven't seen since I was 20 years old , maybe 30 You can meet ,30 What I didn't do at the age of 20 , maybe 40 I've got the results .50 The life that I'm pursuing , Probably 60 It's only when I'm 40 years old .60 The ambition of one year old ,70 Years old will bloom . I will give you an answer at the end of my life , This process only needs free reverie and serious practice .

Be reasonable , The meaning of life has no standard configuration , Self worth , It's always up to you to position yourself 、 Express .

Famous psychologist Dr. Helan once said :“ When we are no longer a child's mindset of expecting recognition from the outside world , You don't have to be so upset 、 So eager to prove , You will become peaceful 、 The steadfast , No hurry, no impatience .”

in fact , I'm not a Buddhist , I just can't get along with myself . Life needs too many comforting moments , Just be more comfortable with yourself . I often tell a lot of people : Along the way , I met warm and helpful people . In fact, will there really be so many lucky gods patronizing ? Think hard and you'll find , The brain system automatically ignores unpleasant events . One thing is for sure , you Only deliberately arrange their own life , To meet the so-called “ noble ”. But look at the world and its surroundings without malice , You'll become more active and healing ( Others or yourself ).

Look at you , This life must be square and round , To swim a hundred miles . You have to be flexible , It's going to hit people , And finally bounce back to yourself , People always need feedback , Just know how to link next .

While we are still full of resilience , Because one day we'll lose the power of elasticity . That moment , We're just rolling ourselves up , Into the next sea of stars .