I have a date with Meihao

2021-04-28 22:51:33  作者:Life journey

one day , If I could feel the passing away , I really don't know how to answer the conclusion of my life .

It's just a comment on yourself , It's just when it's raining heavily , It's just an inconspicuous rain bubble .

Recalling this life, I went to the world , It's like a drifting kite with a broken line . Because I left my parents , Only Jinlian's sisters and brothers .

I shake hands and say goodbye , The coldness of winter has never frozen my hope for beauty .

Beauty is a bright moon , Hanging in my heart , Also lead my poetic soul in the sky .

Whenever I look at the distant stars , My heart no longer belongs to me . I'm a breeze , Chan Juan is in the cold palace , With the lonely moon rabbit . I'm still a raindrop , Echo the joy of heaven from afar , Always after the wind and rain remote sensing of the complicated life .

I , Why do you go to ? Why to go ? Just because of the end of the world, life is determined to have a good interpretation . August , The autumn fruit of Osmanthus fragrans , I have an appointment with Meihao : Life is about miracles !

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