Drifting bottle (2)

2021-04-28 22:41:25  作者:Literary FM

Dear boy ;

Hello !

It's a pleasure to find your drifting bottle .

I'm a wandering singer . Song to the distance , I've been singing for decades , Run out of youth , Yelled hoarse . Now I'm still alone , body and shadow comforting each other . The road ahead still seems to be out of sight .

Years have been engraved on my face , Fatigue is crushing the heavy body day after day . That hot heart has been cooled by the thick dust . The body and mind are already overwhelmed , The idea of giving up is to launch an attack more and more quickly , The initial firmness gradually disintegrated . Just a few Mo not willing to move my steps to move forward .

Every time the stars pull down their eyes , At the end of the darkness . Male plow female weave , evening of one 's life , It seems to have infinite charm , It's fascinating . Once scornful ‘ Poor couples are full of grief ’ Life of , But now it stirs the heart that has been dry for a long time , Make it ripple .

I woke up in the middle of the night , I can't help shivering . I'm in rags , The cold wind blows through the hole and hits the skin , I feel sleepy , livelong night , It will be difficult to sleep again , Hands unconsciously caress the empty heart . Looking at the darkness , With a sigh ‘ Who ever mends clothes at night ’

a man is not a stalk of grass or a tree , Even if the eyes are firm , The heart of the deficit gradually lost its edge under the wind and dust , The light faded , Only the broken body is left .

Looking back on decades , No one has ever covered his cold hands , No one has ever wiped the tears from the corners of his eyes , No one has moistened the dry throat .

In the end , I have nothing

My distance , I'm embarrassed , But it's still out of reach

I'm hobbling , Can't reach the other side of the ideal

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