How to increase income for ordinary people (9): don't live by status

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I came to this strange third and fourth tier city more than ten years ago , Without friends , My monthly income is from 600 To 1500, Until then 3000、5000、10000、20000、 At its highest 60000 about ……

Do you want to know the secret ? Focus on Zhidan , Grow up with me .

1. If you don't sleep all night

Today, I often hear members around me say the pain of insomnia , Some people say that the trouble of raising children , Some people say that the contradiction between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law , Some people say that my husband can't do it , How the family can't make ends meet ……

I will ask them without mercy : What did you do after insomnia , Is it just a waste of time ? Why not get up and read some books ? Even listening to books is OK , Or meditation .

If you are just pursuing good sleep , You get more and more anxious , Because a lot of people don't have to sleep 8 Over hours , Not everyone has to be in the evening 9:00 Fall asleep , morning 6:00 wake ……

Insomnia itself is not terrible , It's like a “ A paper tiger ”, The less you take it seriously , The more it can't help you

My husband can't do it ? And you? , What did you do ? Born to be a woman , Youth is shorter than men , You don't try to do something in such a good youth , There's still time to complain about what people do ?

I was in two pregnancies . I often go to the toilet several times at night , Anyone who has had a baby knows , Almost from pregnancy 5 Months to start , The uterus oppresses the bladder , Sometimes I wake up all night 5 Time , So insomnia is a routine for me in those years .

therefore , There's no way to start writing , I wrote hundreds of thousands of words in a few months , Just wake up and go to the bathroom , After going to the bathroom, continue to write , There's really nothing to write about, just reading , If you really don't want to read, just think , Reciting the Heart Sutra ……

You ask me if I'm anxious , Tell the truth , I'm rarely anxious , because Even in the state of insomnia , You can also keep coming back to the present !

Then the next day it's time to go to the coaching class and continue to go to the coaching class , It's time to take private classes and continue with private classes , It's just a nap at noon ok 了 .

You can't see me haggard , Even in the most gaunt postpartum period , I also listen to my favorite music when it's time to go to work , Put on light makeup , Take a deep breath , Or meditate for a while . And then it looks like nothing happened , because No one has an obligation to sympathize with a weak person , So we have to choose to be a strong one !

2. After the fight

Life is a trifle , So it's ok if you quarrel with your husband , It's good to be angry with the kids , It's all very common , Because you're not a saint , Not the wife of a saint , Not the mother of a saint ……

After the fight , He often gets angry for a long time or runs away from home , A fight is a dead end to him , Even if we know each other 20 Years. , His style of painting has not changed , You can say he's careful , Say he's cute , I'm used to it anyway .

because , I'm the one who doesn't need “ face ” People who , I'll soon come to my senses , Responsible for apologizing and persuading him to come back , Then think quickly about what you need to do today , Try not to delay the normal work ……

then , As usual : Play some favorite songs , Put on light makeup , It's time for class , It's time to eat .

I even eat better when I'm angry , Eat more , Since others don't coax you , Just coax yourself .

And then it's like nothing happened , Big things are not as important as food and work !

Life is too short , I'm not angry because I love myself , Because anger can easily damage the breast and uterus , I often advise others to have a better attitude , In fact, the most important thing is to do it yourself .

I remember a great master of Chinese Culture said that : The lower class likes to be angry , I love to make people angry ; The average man is not angry himself , Just make people angry ; Superior people don't make people angry , I'm not angry myself .

Since I can't be a gentleman , Then I'd rather be a middle man .

3. Pregnancy and lactation

When I had two and three babies , There was almost no rest throughout the pregnancy , Not only that, but also travel far away . Because it's more and more inconvenient to have three children in the future , In order to realize the dream of visiting Lugu Lake in Yunnan , When I was two months pregnant, I took my mother and second child to travel to Yunnan 10 God , I went to my dream place —— Lugu lake , At the same time, do filial piety , Let mother fly , Look at the outside world .

It's less than three months of stable pregnancy after coming back , In order to avoid their own early class is not good for the body , I went to Xi'an again “ Isabel Flower School ” I learned the flower art I always wanted to learn ( Illustration 、 Bouquet ) A month .

Three to nine months of pregnancy , All working as usual , And I also found that pregnancy is due to the secretion of progesterone , The mood will fluctuate more than ever , Instead, it's easier to be distracted at work , Relatively calm .

Of course , This also ensures that the child is born with enough “ Milk powder money ”, Drinking milk powder or not is secondary , The important thing is that the ability to make money is improving day by day .

Actually , In foreign developed countries , There's nothing special about pregnancy , I mean, don't over protect and maintain the baby , Unless you want your kids to be pampered in the future 、 fragile 、 It's hard to keep .

The child is conscious from the moment of conception , What you say and do , Your mind and thoughts , Will affect him ( she ).

The best prenatal education , Not music and art . The best prenatal education , You have a good mood , And keep it as usual .

So from the moment they got into the womb , They already know : Mom is a hardworking mom , We should also learn to work hard , Try to live , Work hard to be healthy , Hard born . Although hard work doesn't necessarily lead to success , But if you don't work hard, you will fail !

and , Efforts don't have to be so painful , Facing the 10000 meter marathon of life : Seemingly easy efforts are the real golden mean . Once you have mastered this relaxed state of effort , You'll have nothing to lose !

So during lactation , I'll feed the baby between classes . All three of my children are suckling until one and a half years old , The best gifts I give them are natural birth and breast milk .

I know childhood is short , I'm not as selfish as other mothers , Fear of chest sagging , Afraid of getting out of shape , I'm afraid I don't sleep well at night , Afraid of this, afraid of that ……

In fact, children's childhood is only once , All the things you fear may not exist at all .

With yoga and strict diet , I don't have a drooping chest , It's not fat enough to affect your career , Not even ten years older .

I work hard , A disciplined life , To this day there is no “ Time ” Three years of pregnancy . therefore , Don't listen to others , You're a mom , If you're not good , How do you expect your children to be good ?

in summary , Live by your state, even if you don't starve to death , It's not going to be much better ! You need another ability to give yourself the best every day .

I often talk to myself in my notebook about self motivation : I am very happy , I am very happy , I love my children , I love my parents , I love my husband, too , I love all your members ……

I also often use very exaggerated gestures , Shake your arms in front of the children and shout : To make money , To make money , Make big money ! When the children see me, they will be led by me , Follow me and talk with me : To make money , To make money , Make big money ……

Then the family laughed , Making money is not the most important thing , It's important that you learn to find your state in different ways !

But at the same time , Money must be a good thing , It can make children happy , Bring happiness to your family , Give me a lot of freedom .

Wilde said :

When I was young ,

I thought money was the most important thing in the world ,

Now I'm old ,

I know it is .

The so-called gentleman loves money , Take the youdao , I just love life more than most people .

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