Yingzhu is fruiting (photo + essay)

2021-04-28 22:17:38  作者:Photography

The company yard is near the guard , There are a few cherry beads . The annual output is small , There are only a few cherry beads hanging on the branches . Not until it's done , From green to slightly white , People who commute by trees , Some people are greedy , I'll pick a few . Put it in your mouth , Have a taste of this slightly sweet, medium ripe cherry bead . So it's all cooked , Most of the cherry beads were picked early .

There's plenty of rain this year , After the rain knocked down the cherry beads , fallen petals lie in profusion . After a few days , The little green fruit comes out . happily , Full of life .

New fruit , Shining with alluring light . People passing by , Take a look at , My heart will be full of longing , In a few days , This cherry bead can be picked and tasted .

Time is silent , But it tells us everything . The cherry tree is silent , It silently breeds every green and astringent little fruit , The trees are full of vigor and hope .

Suddenly thought of a friend said : Don't worry about tomorrow , Just live in the moment .

These cherry beads don't know , They may also encounter different maturities , The fate of being picked early and tasted away . But in their own way , Growing , Intentnesses , Don't worry about tomorrow . Isn't this cherry tree just good for the moment !

People sometimes , It's just too smart , In the moment that we should cherish , Worry about tomorrow . Have a good moment , Don't do what's right now , Spent in worry . Although people are not plants , How many people don't live as well as Yingzhu .