How to get rid of anxiety

2021-04-28 22:17:29  作者:Photography

The pace of life in today's society is very fast , Especially in cities , It's like every day , Catch the bus 、 Catch the subway 、 Rush to class 、 Rush to work … It seems that everyone is very anxious .

Of course , I used to be a part of the anxiety . But after reading a lot of books , It seems to calm my heart , Not so anxious , Now I can calm down and make breakfast slowly 、 to have breakfast , Go for a long run , To read a very thick book , To see a long movie , Communicate patiently with mom and dad , Face some problems calmly .

So how did I do it ? How to get rid of anxiety ?

Seoul , I think to figure out what you're after ? For me, , Material life doesn't need to be that gorgeous , A simple , Just plain . I don't need luxury to satisfy my vanity , You don't need designer bags to look noble , What I want is inner peace .

So it's important to lower your material desires , It's not that matter doesn't matter , The most basic needs of life must be , But what I pursue is more spiritual freedom .

Have a stable job , Working hours improve efficiency , Try to work less overtime . The rest of the time is your own , Run to build up your body , Meditation calms the mind , Reading increases your experience , Travel broadens your horizons , And then discover the beauty of life , To share , To communicate , Delayed gratification , Put yourself on the edge of not far away from your comfort zone , Not too hard , Just right . This is what we are insisting on , It's also the way I think I can get rid of anxiety .

Live in the present , Make a little progress every day .

You just focus on yourself , God has his own plan .

come on. .