The post-90s are getting old

2021-04-28 21:48:11  作者:Life journey

See today's news , It was a real shock , When did Stefanie Sun become a popular singer . Something like that , There are also ordinary ancient music , Bad data, Jay Chou .

Have to say , The youth of a generation is slipping away unconsciously . One day , We will also come to the time when children will treat us as antiques , And the day seems not far away .

And besides that , Every bit of our daily life is proving that our youth is slipping away .

As a 95 after , My peers have been found hypertension and hyperlipidemia in the physical examination , One 88 My elder brother has been taking medicine for diabetes 2 year .

Before you know it , We found the earliest 80 After that, it's all over 41 Year old , And the first 90 After all, they have passed the age of thirty , And the first 00 I'm going to graduate from university soon .

Time really flies , We used to think that middle-aged people would have diseases 、 The thoughts and behaviors of middle-aged talents have quietly approached us .

We are not the children who are favored by heaven , No one will say that we are childish , It's also less and less to hear people tell us that you are still young .

I really have to say , We grew up , We grew up to be adults that we didn't understand or even disliked when we were children .

When we are young, we have unlimited energy and the strongest physical quality , We have capital that we can do but not die , And now the falling hair reminds us all the time , We can't waste our time and health any more .

Although we always call ourselves babies , But I know in my heart that we are not babies any more .

Our life is more and more inclined to go to bed early and get up early , Our entertainment activities are getting further and further away from those wanton craziness , Many addicted friends have not played games for a long time .

It's said that the future is a long way , The premise is that we have to get there .

Now that I've grown up , Then take it easy . Try to go to bed early and get up early , Do more exercises , Read more books and play less games , More quality socializing, less useless indulgence , As an adult , There's the rest of life and a bright future waiting for us to create .

Now that we have a plan for adults 18 The age limit , That means that adulthood must be different from childhood , We need to keep going into and adapting to the adult world , and 18 Age is the first step .

Youth is slipping away , And I'm open to , This may be the biggest difference between me when I grow up and before .

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