Miss, across the boundaries of time and space

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Liang once had a daughter named a CAI .

A CAI is Liang LAN Gu's daughter , It was picked up by Liang LAN Gu on her way home from work in the field . At that time, ah CAI was born more than ten days ago , In an old cardboard box , The old cotton padded clothes with broken flowers are wrapped in , It's stuffed with a note , On the note was written the eight characters of ah Cai's birthday .

In the grass by the side of the road , Ah Cai cried very loud , Liang LAN Gu put down her hoe , Hurry over , Pick up ah CAI , Ah Cai's crying stopped suddenly , Shut your eyes quietly , Murmuring , Very clever . Liang LAN Gu is in a mess , Without hesitation, he took him home .

Liang langu has two sons , I want a girl , But family planning was tight in those days , My man is tied up , It's hopeless to want it . The appearance of a CAI has fulfilled Liang LAN Gu's wish .

It was an autumn evening , The clouds are red all over the sky , Liang LAN Gu looked at the red sky and named a CAI Caiyun , It's called ah Cai slowly .

The arrival of ah Cai is loved by the whole family , Two brothers in their seventies and seventies are also in love .

That night, aunt Liang LAN cooked rice soup to feed ah CAI , The next day, I asked my man to borrow a bicycle to buy milk powder in town . Milk powder was rare at that time , Rural children are reluctant to buy milk powder to eat .

Liang langu's family is not rich either , Raising two kids to school , A year's income depends on the crops in the field , The pigs and sheep in the family live on , Life is so tight , Now, ah Cai is added , And milk powder , I've been calculating every day .

Ah Cai is clever and sensible , Three or four years old will love people . Liang LAN Gu came back from working in the field , Xiao a CAI quickly pulls Liang LAN Gu to sit down on the chair , Make two fists with her young hands , Beating on Liang LAN Gu's back , Beat Liang LAN Gu's heart warm , Happy smile on the face can't be hidden .

A little bigger. , A CAI also helped Liang LAN Gu cook the pot , Collect firewood , Standing on the edge of the pan with a small stool to brush the dishes . When Liang LAN Gu meets people, she praises how capable she is , How sensible , They say , Liang LAN Gu is very lucky , With such a filial daughter , Better than a girl , I'll enjoy my daughter's happiness in the future ! Listen to Liang LAN Gu , The eyes just smile .

It's time to go to school , Liang langu began to make a small schoolbag for a CAI , Liang LAN Gu's man said , What kind of school does a girl go to , Follow you to learn how to make a meal, just sew and mend , I'll find a good family and get married , It's not our daughter , Look at Liu's family , They didn't let them go to school because they were their daughter . Liang LAN Gu kicked the man out of bed , Swearing , You have no conscience , How can you say that , In my heart, tou a CAI is my daughter , More than a girl ! It's also important for ah CAI to learn how to smash the pot and sell iron , We have no culture and we can't let children have no culture .

So when ah CAI was seven years old , I went to school with a flowery schoolbag sewn by Liang langu .

A CAI is smart and studious , Results are often at the top , It's better than when my two brothers were in primary school , Liang LAN Gu is overjoyed , She said to her man , Can we go to college ? Men say , What kind of college do girls go to , It's good to go to school !

Liang LAN Gu's eyes were wide open , We are going to college ! The man had to give up , well , Go to college, go to college !

Ah Cai didn't go to college , She didn't even finish her second grade .

Ah Cai is ill , A very serious illness , In a hospital in the city . Liang langu borrowed what she could , Sell what you can at home , See a CAI , Two elder brothers don't go to school to make money to see a CAI .

But spent all the money , Ah Cai's illness is not good either , Liang LAN Gu man looks at the old and thin Liang LAN Gu , I opened my mouth with difficulty , We're out of money , Go home ! Money can't cure the disease , Besides, we have no money … Just …… Just think we don't have this girl , It was …… It's not , Then the man choked .

On the bench in the hospital hallway , Liang LAN Gu covered her mouth and cried and fell into the man's arms .

the second day , Liang LAN Gu and the man hold a CAI and step on the bus home . A CAI is very excited when she lies on Liang Lan's back , Keep asking , Mom , Is my illness cured ? I can go home ? Can I go to school ? Can I play with Xiao Fen ? I miss Xiaofang so much !

Liang LAN Gu repressed the pain in her heart , Weaving lies .

One night , A CAI suddenly hugs Liang LAN Gu and cries out , This is the first time ah CAI has cried since she got sick , She's strong 、 Her forbearance 、 She's cute 、 Her quietness was unbearable to Liang langu .

Watching ah Cai shed tears , Liang LAN Gu couldn't control it all of a sudden , Tears came down , She stroked a CAI's thin and pale face , A CAI …… Yo ?

Ah Cai stares at Liang LAN Gu in tears , Mom , Let's see a CAI , Ah Cai is obedient , Ah Cai is not afraid of pain ……

Liang once had a daughter named a CAI , She died of leukemia , Liang LAN Gu is in agony , Cry when you meet someone , I have no money to see a CAI , Ah Cai blames me ~

A CAI's departure is a great blow to Liang langu , Liang LAN Gu didn't recover for several years , See a girl of the same age as ah Cai , Pull people shouting lottery , cry and shed bitter tears .

The villagers sighed when they saw Liang LAN Gu , alas , Why bother , If I didn't raise that child , You won't suffer from it …… alas ! It's no use if it's not you , No such luck !

The year when my youngest son got married and had children , Liang LAN Gu is hemiplegia , sick in bed . Took care of the eldest son's children , The youngest son's child seems to be out of care .

The youngest son came back from the hospital with his baby girl , When the girl entered the yard, she began to cry , Liang LAN Gu asked the man to help herself up , By the head of the bed , Ask the little son to take the baby to have a look .

The crying girl put into Liang LAN Gu's arms , The crying stopped immediately , Hit it, little mouth , Shut your eyes quietly , Very clever . Liang LAN Gu's tears rushed out of her turbid eyes , The fingers that could not move for a long time trembled slightly , Quiver your lips , A choking voice , A CAI ……

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