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One 、 The opening

Finally starting to take annual leave ! In response to the call of the State , During the Spring Festival, I take a vacation in place , Towards April , Eager to go out to play crazy heart can no longer restrain . After a brief discussion with Mr. AI , We all chose the place we wanted to go —— daocheng .

After we arrived in Chengdu by high-speed rail , Rent a car , We started our journey to Western Sichuan . And Daocheng , It was the first stop we arrived at .

Pearl sea

Two 、 A trip to Daocheng

This trip to Daocheng , We not only enjoyed the beautiful scenery , I also experienced the uncomfortable altitude reaction , besides , We also saw a lot of wild animals up close , And even had a close interaction with them .

1、 Fantastic scenery

318 The national highway

From the high-speed exit of Kangding city , And drove into the famous 318 The national highway .

318 The national highway ( West Sichuan section ) My first intuitive impression was —— risk . There are only two lanes in a two-way national highway , Out of the driveway away from the mountains , Although it's not an abyss , But looking down over the fence , It's also quite breathtaking . This kind of road makes almost all drivers cautious when driving on it .

Soon , I'm familiar with the steep and winding features of the national highway , I began to enjoy the roadside scenery . April , It's still cold on the plateau , There is little green vegetation on the mountain . But even so , The changing scenery on both sides of the road , Still deeply attracted to us .

The road in front of me was steep and winding for a while , On both sides there are mountains and peaks ; And then flat and straight , On both sides are endless pastures . Uphill , The road ahead is blocked by the hillside , It's like the car's in the clouds ; When it's flat , vision , If it's not a sign of constant retrogression , It doesn't seem to feel like we're moving forward . Once in a while , There will be some leisurely yaks , Take a lazy step , Take your time crossing the road .

After a series of continuous 180 After turning the corner , We boarded a viewing platform . Looking down from the viewing platform ,318 The national highway is like a long winding snake , Hovering over the mountains . And this series of sharp turns , It's famous “ There are eighteen bends in the sky ”. Opened 318 Behind the National Road , I am confident that I have made great progress in my driving skills !

There are eighteen bends in the sky

A road shrouded in clouds

The view of the road

Pearl Sea and immortals are the sun

We drove all the way to Shangri La town near Daocheng Yading scenic spot , After a night off , I started to visit Yading scenic area .

There are two hiking routes in Yading scenic area , One is a short line ending in the Pearl Sea , The other is a long line ending in the milk sea and the five color sea . Considering the physical condition , We chose to go short first .

The scenic bus takes us to the starting point of hiking , We started walking up the mountain .

Soon , We came to the first scenic spot —— Chonggu temple . The temple is very tall , And built on high mountains . The closer we get , The more you can feel a shock to your heart . I stood quietly in front of the temple , Lift up your heads , Silently looking at the blue sky and towering snow mountain , In the sun . If it wasn't for the eagle circling over the temple and the cold wind passing by from time to time , I really feel like I'm in a picture . In front of the temple , A solid tourist wrapped in a coat and sun hat , Put your elbow on a rock , Sitting around , Looking at the sky without moving 、 Mountains and temples , Clear eyes , Solemn expression . It seems , Those who linger here , I'm not alone .

Chonggu temple

Teacher AI reminds me that there is still a long way ahead , I can only clean up my mood , Keep going .

Daocheng in April is still the tail of winter , therefore , We came all the way up , Except for pines and cypresses , The eyes are full of dead branches and rocks , It's gray . Occasionally see the snow mountain in the distance , Although add a touch of light , It's boring and monotonous , Until we saw the Pearl Sea .

Pearl Sea is actually a snow mountain fairy, after the melting of the ice and snow on the sun , A fresh water lake formed at the foot of the mountain . The lake is clear. , There was a shimmer of green . Looked from a distance , Pearl Sea is like a piece of green jade , Inlaid at the foot of snow white fairy nairi . It seems that this kind of scenery can only be seen in magic movies . a fly in the ointment , The view by the lake is a little dim , Except for a few trees dotted with green leaves , Most of the trees are set off by dead branches .

The sun is to the West , Xiannairi snow mountain is no longer dazzling like a reflective mirror . The setting sun shines on it , The towering snow mountain is charming ; Breezes , Rippling on the Pearl Sea ; We're sitting on the wooden footpath , Quietly enjoying the scenery , It's as if time has stopped ……

There are dead branches on both sides

Fairy is,

Standing at the foot of the mountain , Find the scenery pleasing to both the

Just want to sit quietly

Sea of milk

After a short period of baptism , The next day, after we had enough preparation , Opened a long-term play .

The long line is more about climbing stone steps on steep mountains , The scenery on both sides of the stone steps is the same as the gray world we saw the day before . It was very frustrating for us at one time , I don't know if it's worth walking so far . not so bad , The milk sea didn't disappoint us .

Unlike the Pearl Sea , The sea of milk is not at the foot of such a beautiful snow mountain as xiannairi , It's wrapped in a few gray mountains dotted with stars and snow . Milk sea is bigger than Pearl Sea , The water is deeper too , It's light blue . in addition , Around the sea of milk , There is a circle of white sand and stone , Wrap up the sea of milk . Looked from a distance , It's like a sapphire inlaid on a piece of suede . If it wasn't for the cold wind that made our cheeks ache and the snow mountain in the distance , It's hard to imagine that the temperature is near zero .

At this moment , More amazing things happened . With gusts of cold wind , We saw more and more dense snowflakes coming from between the two mountains opposite the milk sea , It's like there's magic on the other side of the mountain . I tried my best to take this magical view , But after a few attempts, he was defeated .

low temperature 、 The snowfall and the more and more serious high pressure urge us to return as soon as possible . That's it , A two-day trip to Aden , After we drag our exhausted bodies back to the hotel , It's over .

It's freezing , But we are still very happy

2、 altitude stress

It's pleasant to enjoy the beautiful scenery , But the altitude sickness that accompanied us all the way was really a headache .

High anti first experience

In Xinduqiao town , For the first time, I experienced high reflection . In the evening , On arrival at the hotel , I'm crazy about it , The temperature plummeted . To avoid the wind , I take my luggage from the car , Quickly run to the hotel lobby to check in . little does one think , After running this short ten meters , I got there in a whirlwind , Almost fainting . After checking in , I adjusted in my room for a long time before I came down for dinner . Just came to the altitude 3000 A place of many meters , Gao Fei gave me a challenge .

The long one hundred meters

With the experience in Xinduqiao , After that, every day we obediently took the anti hyperreflexive drugs and then went on the road . however , Even so , Our experience in the sky city of Litang , It'll keep me in mind .

Litang is known as “ The city of the sky ”, Because it's more than 4000 Meters above sea level . Originally, it was also a stop for us to play , But we drove all the way from altitude 3000 The Xindu bridge is more than 200 meters above sea level 4000 When rice's Litang starts , Dizziness is always with us , And it's getting worse .

To Litang temple , We want to go to the bathroom first , And then go inside and visit . However , It's less than 100 meters downhill from the parking lot to the bathroom , I went out and ran 3 The feeling of kilometers . After convenience , Back to the 100 meters uphill , It directly dispelled our idea of visiting Litang temple .

The top of the mountain is amazing

The confusion ahead , It's just to pave the way for us to hike in Yading scenic area . But even with the bedding , We still had a thrilling journey .

On the first day of a short hike in Yading scenic area , Although in advance of oral medicine to deal with high altitude reaction , But I didn't walk a few steps from the bus , And we started to gasp , With the thumping of the eardrum . Fortunately, the short distance is not long , We're not so embarrassed . But the next day's long hike , We have difficulties .

A long hike route , Because of the huge gap , Soon there will be no easy plank road . Even if each of us took two more pills with high reaction , I don't feel so relaxed . On steep slopes , Even if we open our mouths and gasp for breath , But it can't reduce the weight of the head . Occasionally one or two people pass by , They can also be heard “ Whoosh ” The sound of a gasp . After more than two hours of trekking , We've come to the most difficult part . Almost more than 60 The slope of degrees , Steps built on stone and wood , In front of us . What's more terrifying is , The steps spiral up , There seems to be no end .

We are going to go the last part of the way in one go . However , Reality has shattered our wishes . A very high drop , Let's go up every step with great difficulty , Had to stop and breathe . Final , But after every step I went up , Count eight numbers in your heart , And then up the next step . That's it , We got to the top step by step .

Just as we were approaching the sea of milk , Teacher AI had a serious reaction . Every few steps she takes , We all have to stop , Hit your chest with your hand . Frowning brows and pale faces send a signal of danger . When she says her chest hurts again , I decisively let her take the last two high reaction drugs . Soon , Under the influence of drugs , AI's symptoms have been effectively relieved , We managed to get to the sea of milk , But also exhausted .

In the milk sea , I feel a little uncomfortable , Although the five color sea is only 700 meters away from the milk sea ( There is also a high slope ), But I can't go up any more . After discussing with teacher AI , Give up the five color sea , Turn around and return .

However , I find my feet more and more frivolous , And it's farther and farther away from teacher AI who is walking in front of us —— I can't keep up with her ! I stopped. , Breathe as hard as you can , I want to adjust my body , But in vain . Teacher AI came to the steep step when she came here , Remind me to be careful , But I found that I was far away from her . She came back , After seeing my face , I held my body , Say firmly : Let's take a break .

It's still snowing , At this time, my body has improved

It was then that I became more aware of the seriousness of the situation ! I found that my body was even a little unsteady , Get a chunk of chocolate out of your pocket , All in your mouth . after , Two more snacks , I'm a little bit calm . Teacher AI, I'm getting better , Finally, I'm relieved . He told me , I turned pale just now , The lips have turned purple ! little does one think , I'm experiencing altitude sickness at the same time , Also experienced hypoglycemia .

Although in the end we returned safely to the hotel , But the minutes on the top of the mountain , I think it's still frightening . After this trip to Daocheng , I admire the mountaineers and the workers who build bridges and pave roads on the plateau .

3、 Lovely “ Children ”

The beauty is intoxicating , It's really hard to have high reaction , But what impressed me most about this trip to Daocheng , But I met many lovely animals . I saw yaks crossing the road while driving , They're so cute , It always reminds me of songs 《 Listen to my mother 》 A lyric in : Children , Do you have many question marks …… therefore , Teacher AI and I affectionately called all the animals ——“ Children ”.

Yaks running out at any time

Greedy squirrel

There are several artificial pavilions beside the Pearl Sea , For tourists to rest . little does one think , That place became a paradise for squirrels .

Maybe tourists often feed food , The squirrels here are not afraid of people , Even a striped squirrel ran to my feet and sniffed desperately . All of a sudden, I saw such a lovely little guy , I'm very excited . He broke off a small piece of chocolate from his hand , Slowly to the little guy's mouth . Soon , And he took the chocolate from me , Ran to one side and ate . For a while , More squirrels ran around me asking for food .

I broke off a lot of chocolate to feed these little guys . However , An interesting thing happened . When I went to feed the other squirrels , The rest of the chocolate is on the bench in the pavilion , When I get back , I found that the striped squirrel I fed just now was running up the bench , Quickly remove the remaining chunk of chocolate from the wrapper !

This scene , It makes me laugh . Maybe it has never eaten such sweet food before , The greedy little guy is following the smell ,“ steal ” Let's go, my chocolate .

The squirrel who stole my chocolate

Bold birds

Squirrels are not the only ones who are not afraid of people . A lot of birds that I can't name also come to tourists for food .

They are greedy but cautious , I'm very childlike , To see how bold they are . I put the crumbs on my palm , Standing still by the tree , Put your hand in the branch . Soon , A tit sees plenty of food , Jump on the branch , Look at the biscuit on my palm . finally , It can't help jumping on my palm , Eat greedily, eat greedily .

Feel the bird's two thin feet walking up and down on my palm , And the sharp mouth gently poked in the palm of my hand , It's amazing .

Fly to your hands and eat cookies , How brave ~

The blue sheep of the demonstration

Long hikes down the mountain , It's evening , We were lucky to see a large flock of sheep foraging . This animal that lives on the Plateau , We seldom see it .

I'm curious , Holding a camera, trying to get close to them . Start , They just eat grass quietly , He didn't pay attention to me . See how docile they are , I'm more and more daring . It happened that a rock sheep passed through the trail , I came up to it for a close encounter . The blue sheep that has jumped on the rock has found my move , Turn your head , Suddenly raise your front hooves without warning . This action made me jump back like crazy , Almost fell down . Wait for me to take a closer look , The blue sheep didn't mean to attack me , The front legs are still in place . original , It's just a demonstration , But enough to scare me away .

The seemingly docile rock sheep , Raise your front legs , It's scary

Lost Deer

Along the way , We saw a lot of cattle 、 sheep 、 Horse , It's not surprising . however , On the way out of Daocheng , We met a wild deer on the way .

When we see a lot of cars slowing down in front of us from a distance , I know there are animals around again . But when we got close , Shocked by the guy in the way —— It's not yak , It's a deer . One of the deer's horns is broken , But the length of the other horn is enough to deter the enemy . The deer is walking in the middle of the road , A car stopped , Trying to make way for it . I didn't expect the deer to walk slowly towards the car .

The co pilot rolled down the window to take a picture of this rare scene . I also quickly drove to the roadside parking lot , Take out your cell phone and record this wonderful moment . The deer found the rolled down window , Straight in the window . The accident made the people in the car close the windows quickly , Drive away .

The deer turned its head , I found that I was taking pictures with my mobile phone in the car next to me , So I came to my car with a long corner . There was “ Molested ” The failure of rock sheep , I have a lingering fear , Close the window quickly . However, the antler gently butted against the window .

So close , I clearly saw the deer's broken horn and his small bell like eyes . I'm afraid it's going too far , I quickly drove away from the deer that seemed to be lost . After driving away , Teacher AI and I still couldn't help discussing what just happened .

Can't find “ home ” The wild deer in China

3、 ... and 、 A little insight

A trip to Daocheng , We've got a lot . After playing , I also have some thoughts , A little insight : People have to accept reality , Know how to give up .

Originally, our planned route was to finish the West Sichuan ring road . But when we got to Daocheng , He gave up his original plan . There are two main reasons : First of all , Plateau in April , The scenery is relatively monotonous , Even if the road is steep , The snow mountain is towering , It's hard to avoid being the same ; second , It's a two-day drive to Daocheng , Teacher AI and I have worked very hard for a long time . If we stick to the original plan , No more time to fix , Aden's long and short hikes , I'm afraid we can't hold on .

After abandoning the original plan , We're going back the same way , Close to the primeval forest in Hailuogou , Finally, go to Dujiangyan to enjoy the Millennium culture . thus , There's plenty of time , Our mentality is also relaxed in an instant , Good support for us to complete the Aden double play .

The same thing happened in the milk sea . at that time , Teacher AI and I had serious altitude sickness one after another , Although we are only a little away from the five color sea 700 rice , But in the end, I chose to give up . Now that I think about it , It's very wise to give up . At that time, we had no drugs to deal with high reaction , If you keep going up , Even if teacher AI is all right , Can I just walk away , I'm not sure .

Give up twice , It added a lot of regrets to our trip , But it also brings us a more relaxed and pleasant experience . Travel like this , So is life . We can't... Under limited conditions , Enjoy all the beautiful scenery , that , You might as well give up some , Recognize the reality , And accept the reality , Even if life will miss a lot of wonderful , But it can give us calm and calm .

Tibetan houses , have a style of one 's own

Daocheng monastery , Give people peace of mind