rainy day

2021-04-28 20:53:42  作者:Life journey

Although I read the weather forecast , I know it's going to rain today , I didn't expect it would be the next day .

I took a small umbrella , Across the little square , Come to the seaside .

Without notice , I've lived here for nearly ten days . I'm going back tomorrow . I love the life here , Everyone is very friendly and warm , The air is good, too .

I've been running the air conditioner for several days and drinking , There's no discomfort in the throat . In Guangdong , I think I'll have herbal tea .

This time I left , I don't know if I have a chance to come back .

When I came out , I put a bottle of big Wusu in my bag . I didn't expect it to be a prop for taking photos .

rainy day , Maybe it's more suitable for the big Wusu in the red bottle .

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