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Four o'clock in the morning , Record a strange dream !

At the beginning of the dream , I have a party with some classmates ( The details of the party dream are vague ). I remember my college classmate Li in my dream , And my brother who slept in the morning in College , yellow . I only remember these two in my dream party , I can't remember any of the others .

However , Although it's about activities like parties , But at the party, we seemed to talk about our own living conditions , Everyone seems to know that I am in a tight life now . At this time , Li said he knew I was having a hard time , Maybe I can do what he did before . When he was talking to me, some pictures of him doing it in his dream ( That may be the beauty of dreams , You can switch dreams at any time ), It's probably Lee driving to somewhere , I stayed in a prosperous place for a while , And then leave . It seems that it is more profitable to do that . I don't know exactly what to do , But a little bit of the dream tells me , The boss who arranged our work is my brother in the upper berth , yellow . Thinking about making money , I readily agreed , And went back to prepare .

next , The whole dream turns around , It's my way from home to help Huang . In my dream, I should be walking in the area near the Ming Lan River that I used to walk in when I was a child . Go to the Yellow place , I need to cross the Ming Lan River , There is no bridge in the Ming Lan River .

At this time , A strange dream has come . I walk in the middle of the Ming Lan River, but I can't cross it . The strangest place is the Ming Lan River , The Ming Lan River in the dream is mostly like this , I'm in the middle of the river , All the pebbles under my feet . I stood in the middle of the river and looked up and down , Endless river pebbles . The Ming Lan River in my dream looks and feels like the Ming Lan River in dry season when I was a child , The dry river is full of pebbles , There are only a few small stocks like “ Xiaogou ” Water of average size flows through the middle of the Ming Lan River . It's just , At the moment , In the dream, the Ming Lan River seems to have expanded many times in proportion .

therefore , When I come to the middle of this enlarged minlan River “ Xiaogou ” when , the “ Xiaogou ” It's like a river to me . I'm standing by the ditch , Looking at the fast flowing water, I have nothing to do . At this time , I saw a boat coming up the river , It's probably a ferry . I thought with great joy that it had come to ferry me , But it was in the process of driving to me, suddenly smile , Then go straight to “ Xiaogou ” The other side of the road , It's like laughing at me . But then , I saw a huge ship coming up the river , And this big ship is strange , It's kind of like a tank , It's huge , Its two crawler like chassis are just placed in the ditch in the Ming Lan River , Riding the buoyancy of the water down the river , The boat's body is just over the pebbles between the two gullies in the middle of waiminglan river .

See the big boat coming , The previous ferry came to me in a hurry , He said to me with some anxiety , Get across the river in my boat . But I don't seem to like it , Then he said , That big boat won't take you there . next , I don't know why , I seem to agree with him . then , I should have crossed the river in his ferry , It's just that there are no details of how to cross the river by boat in the dream .

next , The dream changes again . Maybe it's yellow , What is Huang telling me , I'm probably telling you what I'm going to do . To say , It's kind of mysterious , Huang just gave me a few bundles of money , They're all 100 dollar bills , Then tell me to take the money to a place tomorrow . In limine , I don't know what to do yet , But I can feel that Huang seems to trust me , And I can feel it in my dreams , It should make a lot of money .

therefore , Following the development of dreams ( Of course, there is no realistic logic ), Early the next morning, I drove to work for Huang . In a daze , I came to a very busy place , There's a lot of people there , And then the place was strange , Some are like a temple , Behind it is a huge statue of Buddha , And people gathered around the Buddha statue , Waiting for a deal , It's like the first group in a martial arts movie making some kind of mysterious underground transaction .

At this time , There seems to be a mysterious deal . I saw a man who looked like a master coming towards the square surrounded by everyone . In a dream , This so-called master has a strong sense of evil , Something like 《 Love girl ghost 》 The evil monk in . The appearance of the evil monk also brought his own background music, which sounded a mysterious music ( I really can't remember what kind of music it is ), When the evil monk walked in, I found that he was not alone , Behind him is a group of monks , There were a group of children among the monks , Among the children, I saw Huang's several year old son . As the monks came towards us , The crowd made way for them . Until this time , What Huang wanted to tell me in his dream finally came to the surface , That is to buy Huang's child anyway . And the nature of this mysterious gathering seems to be clear , That's auctioning kids . Terror !

But fortunately, I have a lot of money , Huang didn't seem to be in a hurry when he told me yesterday , Because he's very confident , As if as long as I did what he meant , Then it's absolutely no problem . And in the course of the auction , I got another basket of gold for no reason , It's all gold . I don't know the middle details , But the result is clear , I helped Huang get things done , It 's done . Then there is no follow-up in the dream about Huang's child .

The last part of the dream is also a little puzzling , Although it has a little connection with the previous plot of the dream . At the end of the dream , I'm home again . My hometown should be the one I lived in 20 years ago , At that time, the house at the foot of Tanshan mountain was still on the first floor . In the home , I'm counting the money in my room , I seem to be determining the amount of money , Give it back to Huang .

At this time , I seem to feel it again , It seems that what I do for Huang is not to help him redeem his son , And it's more like some kind of trade . However , When I was counting money in that dark room of my 20-year-old house , There was an accident again , It seems that the amount of money is wrong . I'm getting more and more anxious , At this time , Somehow , Mother appeared . She seems to know all about me , She comforted me and said , Don't worry , Just count the money , As long as we don't do anything bad , As long as you can stand up to your conscience .

But I didn't seem to listen to a word from my mother , I'm still counting money , Distinguish the hundred dollar bills from the ten dollar bills from a mess of money , And keep counting , But it seems that I can't match the amount of money Huang gave me , In this anxiety , I woke up ……

Let's just talk about this dream , Although dreams are messy , But I think it has something to do with my worries about having children recently , As for money , About the economic pressure , It's always been there for me , And after marriage , The pressure, not to mention .

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