Unexpected surprise

2021-04-28 20:28:32  作者:Photography

Depressed for most of the day , There's always a sense of regret , Bursts of pain , Waves of irritability , Continuously melancholy in the whole heart .

Out of all this negative emotion , It's all about a little white rabbit . A few days ago , It's almost two weeks now , That's when the kids go out to play , Trapped a hamster , A little white rabbit .

The little hamster was killed by the children in the same hospital in less than a day , It was washed to death . Xiaobaimian is very cute , The food is also very good , It eats all kinds of grass . It even eats rice , Just after eating , Little white rabbit's mouth is very dirty , You Bi , I'm sorry .

Two days later , I changed the rabbit from a small cage to a big basket , For a few days , Xiaobaimian's dirty mouth is finally clean , But it's not too clean .

Little white rabbit is spoiled by colleagues in the same corridor 、 Love , At the end of the day , Playing . Just as we are immersed in a very happy atmosphere , This morning , Lao Chai gets up early , The first sound of going out :“ Whoa , The rabbit is gone !”

“ What are you talking about ?” I sit up like crazy ,“ The rabbit is gone ?”

“ Yes , It's more than ten in the evening , When I lock the door , Still in the basket , Who knows it's gone now !”

“ That day is when children play , I didn't cover the basket ?” I asked regretfully , He fell back to bed in frustration .

“ It's covered with , It's still well built !” Lao Chai said with certainty .

I am speechless and go to work after eating in laochai , Still languidly depressed in bed . It's almost eight o'clock , Wash and rinse , Still unwilling to find little white rabbits everywhere in the hospital , I went outside the hospital to look for it , But no rabbit was found .

alas ! I wanted to take some pictures of little white rabbit , It hasn't come true yet , Little white rabbit disappeared ……

At noon, little white rabbit was unexpectedly met by a worker in the same hospital on the way to work . And brought back , I was still depressed at that time , Lying in bed thinking of the lovely little white rabbit , I heard that little white rabbit has found , He jumped out of bed in a hurry , He rushed out of the door and took the rabbit , Put it in the basket , I can't restrain the joy in my heart , Like a child, he narrates his lost and recovered mood .

In order to prevent the rabbit from losing again , Just press two paint buckets on the lid . It's time to mend , Let's throw the rabbit to fix it !