Stay away from the pit of "too much emotion" and get your career on the right track

2021-04-28 20:14:33  作者:Photography

In the workplace , Women tend to fall into emotional 、 Too much , And too candid in the pit , Hindering my normal appreciation and salary increase .

Share three targeted approaches , Help you to turn the corner :

  1. You need to be aware . You don't have to say your emotions directly , It's learning to transform it , After careful consideration , And then with logic 、 There's a consensus way to communicate .
  2. Talk less , Talk about dialogue . You need to be prepared in advance , Have a clear grasp of all the details , And prioritize them according to their importance , Practice many times and then express it .
  3. You don't have to expose your problems and weaknesses often . There are limits to honesty , But in the workplace , Being too real is likely to put yourself in danger , moderate “ Be yourself ” that will do .

As a woman , In nature , Will be more emotional to deal with people . In the workplace , Imitate men in some ways , Will avoid falling into the pit , On the contrary, it can go with the wind and the water .