The 36th day of forming Doudou's reading habit -- the second day of Luban Xueyi!

2021-04-28 19:42:10  作者:Life journey

I read it twice yesterday 《 Lu Ban studies Arts 》, Doudou can't talk about it after two sentences , Can't , He had to ask me to record the third time he read for him as a punch in , I went to bed in a hurry .

today , When I said I'd read it four times , He disagreed again , He said he read it twice yesterday , The last one doesn't count , I should read it three times today . ok , For reading , I allow you to be spontaneous , Then read it three times .

Read it three times , He said it again , This time, , He's right , Although it seems to be gnawing when reading , But when I talked about it, I found that , He can almost recite the whole book , This is the effect of the next day .

Today he has one more step forward , That's in the process of reading picture books three times , He read it very carefully , There's almost nothing wrong with it , This is the best . I don't ask him to read fast , He's too young , What I want is his serious attitude , You can read it word for word , Today he did .

He has as much homework today as he did yesterday , But it took more than 50 minutes to finish all the homework today , Except yesterday, he wasted some time looking up the dictionary when he did his homework and read , I can't remember where he spent more time . Anyway , Fast is progress , Must be praised !

My children , I often criticize him , But also often praise him , As long as there's progress , As long as you do well , I praise them . It's like tonight , I praised him for these three points , Finally, a criticism , He said that he always put in two days before school and finished part of his homework before school , So when I get home, I finish my homework quickly , It takes a long time to do homework these two days , It's also because all the homework is brought home , But there's also praise . He explained that he didn't do his homework in school these two days , On the one hand, the teacher sent the papers late , On the other hand, it's because I'm busy , There's no time to do .

well , I believe all your reasons , as long as , It's good that you have the consciousness to finish your homework actively !

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