Deeply worried (Part one)

2021-04-28 19:11:10  作者:Life journey

Last night, , I'm on duty on a certain shift . During the evening study period , I found that a girl had self mutilation in the classroom !

When I talked to this girl before, I found that there were many scratches on her wrist , Just ask her what's going on , She said she used to cut it with a knife .

I asked her why she did it , Whether the parents know about her . She said parents know . When she said she was in a bad mood, she rowed like this , It doesn't hurt at all . She said it lightly , act as if nothing were on one 's mind , I was very excited when I heard it , Ten thousand thoughts !

I taught her with all my heart , Tell her life is precious , Nothing is worth her to hurt her body . I also taught her some ways to reduce stress .

Later, I talked to her head teacher about her , Her head teacher said she was a left behind child , My parents are doing business in Guangzhou , She's sensitive and vulnerable , If you don't want to learn, you have nothing to do , More problems .

Except for self mutilation , I also found out that she smoked .

Once I read in the morning , I called her to the corridor and asked about her study , I found her trouser pocket bulging . I asked her what was in it , She lied to me that it was a meal card .

How can a meal card be so thick ?

She can't hide it , Just pull me to the tool room next to nobody , He admitted that he had cigarettes in his pocket . But at first she was lying , Say cigarettes are not your own , I don't admit that I smoke , Including her answers to my questions about learning, she is also lying .

Later, under my earnest admonition , She just admitted that she had been smoking in primary school , And now I'm addicted to cigarettes , Almost a pack of cigarettes a day .

She also admitted that she didn't study at the weekend , I went out to play with the friends I made in primary school .

I asked her if her parents and head teacher knew about her smoking , She said parents know , Tell her to smoke less ; Her head teacher also knows that she smokes , But I didn't know she was addicted to cigarettes .

I convinced her to keep the cigarettes with me or the head teacher for the time being , Don't put it on me anymore , So as not to let other students see that the influence is not good , It also saved her from seeing that she couldn't control herself .

Later, I communicated with his head teacher about it , Her head teacher also talked to her . Although her head teacher has no hope for the whole class , But there is no denying that , Yes, she did a lot of work .

Although I know her grades are not good , I have some bad habits , But she is usually quite enthusiastic about the collective affairs , People look cheerful and generous . I've talked to her twice recently , It's just that she is a little irritable in her study , Nothing else is unusual , Plus the mid-term exam , Our energy is also put on preparing for the exam .

We are having the mid-term exam these days , I didn't expect to study in the evening , She's actually doing self harm in the classroom !

I called her outside the classroom , Ask her why she behaves like this , The wound on the hand was scratched with something . Because schools are not allowed to bring knives back to school .

She said it was planned in circles , Still tell me it doesn't hurt .

“ Good skin, draw blood , How can it not hurt ?” I said painfully . I showed her the scab on my hand that I accidentally scalded a few days ago . I was just red at that time , It's all burning , Not to mention that she had cut it .

I asked her why it happened in the class . She said she didn't think she should live in this world , My birth was a mistake .

I was shocked to hear that !

I feel that she has a serious problem right now , So with her consent , Took the picture above , Send it to her head teacher —— Her head teacher has done a lot of work for her , She still trusts the head teacher very much .

I'm Keren teacher , Report to the head teacher in time , Let the head teacher know and deal with it at the first time .

I decided to have a good talk with her .

To be continued

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