Hunan rice noodles

2021-04-28 19:10:58  作者:Photography

Hunan rice noodle street

A bowl of beef powder in Tianjin

Dongting Lake Beef plate

Hand made rice noodles are flexible Q play

Dozens of spices make soup

Spicy braised beef with sauce

Step by step

Bowl by bowl

Not afraid of suffering

Changsha fan Festival

Go to Changsha to make a bowl of flat powder

Gan Changshun egg topping is good

Yang Yuxing mixed sauce noodles

Huang Chun and egg noodles are delicious

Heji powder is smooth

It's hard to boil

A yard of cooking

Be patient

Pink Baby

Hengyang fish meal match Chenzhou

Huangshagu is captured by the steaming river

Dongjiang Biliu silver carp is fresh

Fish bone, fish meat, pig bone

The powder soup is as strong as wine

Fried fish is delicious

One by one

Stir fry one by one


red pepper

To Shaoyang bowl of red oil powder

Clear Zijiang bubble rice

Boiled rice balls in boiling water

It's like a white dragon

Swimming in the red oil soup

It's hot and smart. Baoqing people

Pot by pot

A bite of spicy

Not afraid of death

The rice noodle Museum