Tourism strategy of Meizhou Island in Putian

2021-04-28 19:09:07  作者:Photography

Putian Meizhou Island tourism strategy

Fu'an EMU station is far away from the city , Yes 30 km ! Take the bus to Wan Wu ,40 minute ,16 element . From Fu'an EMU station to Putian by EMU ,90 minute ,74 element . I live in greenhouse hotel next to Putian bus station ,128 element , Very convenient .

Speaking of Putian , I can't help thinking of “ Putian department ”. Putian people do make money , There are also many people going abroad , Thinking ahead . But near Putian EMU station , It was cold and quiet , It's not convenient to eat and live , So it's better to go to the city . Sitting on the bus and looking out , It's like the old house is gone ( Basically, it's all gone ), Instead, it's all 30 A tall building more than two stories high , It's not exciting at all , No popularity . Generally speaking , It should be very busy near the bus station , But it's still cold here ( There are several restaurants and hotels ). Fortunately, I went to Meizhou Island 362 road (361 There are also roads , It's slow .) The starting point is right next to it , There are also buses to the station .

Since we are on the southeast coast this time , We should go to the island . Choose to choose , I picked Meizhou Island , It turned out to be a good choice ! Take the bus from the bus station 362 Road to Wenjia wharf ,75 minute ,13 element , Yes 40 Kilometers away ! All the way to the countryside , It surprised me again ! There are too many new houses , No , It's not an ordinary house , It's a luxury villa , It's all five stories , It looks like a palace ! People here are so rich . I was told that , Local people out there , Or overseas gold rush , This is the nest where they come back to their roots , I don't know how to do it well ? But in my opinion , The world is changing , Who knows 20 What about the annual meeting ? Will the builders come back to live ?

Of course, you have to take a ferry to Meizhou Island .70 It's free when you're older , You can take local boats . Tourists have special access , In another boat , Need to pay 45 element ( native 10 element ), We took advantage of . It was said that they had to buy tickets , Not now . In the future ? Is not clear .

Among the people on the island , There are not many tourists , But there are a lot of pilgrims . This is where Mazu ascended to heaven , Mazu temple is extremely magnificent ! Get off the ferry and go 800 Mi goes to Mazu temple , It's worth seeing here . We are generally not interested in temples , It's almost the same . But it's a little different here . There are many believers , There are also many young people , Bring gifts , The incense is very hot , Contribute generously . This reminds me of the Potala Palace in Tibet , Of course, the pilgrims here are not as devout as the Tibetans . They came for a very clear purpose . For what ? Everybody knows that . The statue of Mazu , Except for the towering stone statues outside ( Very kind and elegant !) Outside , Every temple has . But one of the halls has a gold body , It is said to cost 300 Kilos of pure gold , It took 1.07 Hundred million? , It's amazing ! Mazu temple is very big , It's beautifully decorated , Take your time 2 Hours .

Let's go in through the front door , Come out of the side door , There are a lot of battery cars outside . But I saw someone remind me on the Internet that the charge of battery car is high , It's better to take the bus , Just as convenient . Meizhou Island has about from north to south 10 km , The scenery on the east line is better . We decided to try bike sharing . Of course, you have to register first , It will take a little time , But it's hard for us . Wait until you get the bike , I'm in a great mood ! That's a great decision !

Even if it's sunny , But it's neither hot nor cold . Blowing the sea breeze , Riding by the sea , Very comfortable ! And the first hour is free ! You can stop on the way , There are a lot of sharing stations , It is very convenient . It's much better than taking a car ! You can come down to take pictures at any time .

We know there's a goose tail Geopark that we have to go to , There are also Sleeping Buddha to see . But looking out from the top of Mazu temple , I found a nice place . Looking up the map, it turned out to be niutouwei beach , It's just behind Mazu temple . So when I get on the bus, I'll go there and have a look , Also quite good .

10 Kilometers of bike lanes , It's very well built . Almost no pedestrians . Fewer cyclists ( There was only one young man riding a bicycle ), Most tourists take battery cars , I can't help feeling sorry for them . Riding along the beach , How relaxed , It's a special enjoyment . Stop and view , My wife is very observant ( Her imagination is very good ), Find an island not far away , The shape is like a reclining Buddha . This is a reminder , I think it's really good !

The bigger surprise is still ahead , Goose tail Geopark is amazing ! Put the bike in there , You can take your time there 4 Hours .

I always thought , For the sea , lakes , In terms of rivers , If it's just water , There are no rocks, flowers and trees to match , It's too boring . I remember going to Sailimu Lake in Xinjiang , The lake is blue and clear , Very beautiful . And the lake is green grass , There are black woods in the distance , The background is snow mountain , There are white clouds in the sky , I was particularly impressed by that beauty ! We also went to Qinghai Lake , I wonder why the local people specially planted rape flowers ? But I found out right away , If there are no golden rape flowers , How can Qinghai Lake attract people ?

We visited Brittany and Corsica in France and Lagos in Portugal , There are many strange rocks on the beach , It's very beautiful . The scenery of the goose tail Geopark on Meizhou Island is compared with these places , It's not inferior . There are not many tourists here , There is no noise , Despite the strong sea breeze , But walk along the sea around the hill and enjoy it , It's definitely a wonderful enjoyment !

You don't have to ride back , It's on the west line , There is no scenery to see , Easy return to Ferry Pier . I didn't expect to be so happy when I came to Meizhou Island ! Much better than Xiapu . If you go to Putian , It is strongly recommended to visit Meizhou Island !

Play for a day , It cost almost nothing . I'll have Xiaolongkan hot pot not far away for dinner , Literally point ,200 ocean , Eat a lot of !