Ink fragrance, meet a pure wind of filial piety and su

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That dynasty, that generation , The genealogy records that the years we never met are far away . Look through the family tree , Revere your ancestors , I love my family , Remember family rules and family precepts . At home , The family tradition goes on ; In the country , The national style will last forever .

recently , Another genealogy of historical celebrities 《 Huaihai Bao's genealogy 》, Produced by Anhui yipinpu Bureau , Delivered to the family . See the name of the spectrum , Maybe we'll have a big one in front of us 、 The image of majesty ! Pretty good , This historical celebrity is sitting in Kaifeng's house 、 Bao Gong, who is famous in history ! Huaihai Bao's new spectrum of antique thread , Page after page of white rice paper , Reflecting the integrity of filial piety and Duke su .

" Song Youjin is a minister of justice , I began to hear about Zhoulu with filial piety , Its loud voice shows that it is popular all over the world ." The name of Baogong , Known to every household , For one thousand years , In the history of China , With " Male " Name , Show the world , Its sacred color , Only Mr. Bao . Bao Zheng's name has been handed down to later generations , Glory in history , His awe inspiring righteousness 、 Honest and upright 、 plead for the people 、 The image of law enforcement , It has influenced generations of Chinese people .

According to genealogy , Bao Zheng (999—1062), Song Luzhou Hefei ( Now it belongs to Anhui Province ) people , Zixiren . Male, young, filial and upright , Quite like an adult , Not for the sake of drama . Chang Mi Xu is very strict , Sensitive and well read . Jinshi of Tiansheng Dynasty . The government will assist the people , I wish you a festival , plead for the people . Lei Qian supervises the censor , It is suggested to train and select generals 、 Enrich the side . The envoy Khitan returned , He has successively served as a judge of the three divisions , JD.COM 、 shaanxi 、 Hebei road transit makes . He entered the DPRK and served as the Deputy envoy of the Ministry of household of the third division , Ask the court for permission to trade Jieyan . The remonstrance court , Many times on impeachment of minister Quan Xing . He is a direct Bachelor of LongTuge 、 Hebei is a transit agent , Yi Zhiying 、 Yang Zhuzhou , Call again to the court , Li Quan knows Kaifeng Prefecture 、 Quan Yushi Zhongcheng 、 Third, the rank of secretary . Jiayu six years (1061), Deputy envoy Ren Shumi . He died in a position , Posthumous title “ Filial piety ”. As an official, Bao Zheng was famous for his uprightness and wisdom . When I knew Luzhou , Law enforcement does not evade Pro party .

Hefei, Anhui Province , It is located in the Yangtze and Huaihe River , interlace , A collection of cultural relics , There are many outstanding people . Historical figures like Bao Gong , The British wind has shaken the past and the present , Famous at home and abroad . Bao Gong is not only the spiritual leader of the family , The crown of Hefei , What's more, it's a good tool for the Chinese nation .

Bao Gong , It is a sword of justice hanging in the historical space and time ! At the same time, it is also a wind of filial piety and Su in the genealogical culture .

Bao Gong's anti-corruption campaign , set an example by personally taking part , In the genealogy , He set a strict family precept for his posterity :" Later generations, sun Shihuan , There are those who commit booty abuse , Don't let it go home ; After death , Not to be buried in the tombs . Not from my will , Not my descendants ." That is to say , The Bao family's descendants became officials , If there are corrupt and perverted law , Excommunication , Don't go back to Bao's house ; They are not allowed to be buried in Bao's ancestral grave after death . Not following this precept , The Duke of Bao did not recognize them as his own descendants . This family motto is engraved on the stone tablet , It stands on the east wall of the hall , Forever in the future .《 Bao Zheng's family motto 》 Hand written for Bao Gong , The font is powerful , First question " Family instructions " Mingyi , Sign off " Save the book " Police duty . Just a few dozen words , said of a great teacher , It sounds like an alarm bell .

Family motto is a kind of refinement of family style . Bao Gong's family precepts highlight integrity , In view of the current situation , And admonish our descendants , Fayang Zhong 、 Filial piety 、 Cheap " The wind of filial piety and su ", It's both straightforward and severe . Genealogical records , Bao Shou, the son of the Duke 、 Sun Bao Yongnian , Carry forward the family tradition , Be honest in politics , When I resign , In addition to the official letters in the suitcase 、 Write about , It's all gone . Honesty is the essence of Bao Gong as an official , Heirloom's magic weapon . Bao Gong's family precepts were later written into 《 highly · Biography of Bao Zheng 》, For future generations , And it became a warning to all the officials of the past dynasties .

in today's world , History of severely punishing corrupt officials , Clean Party style and Party administration , Bao Gong is upright , Wield the sword to hold the chopper , Coming from the depths of history .

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