In a hurry

2021-04-28 18:54:50  作者:Literary FM

Sleeping is just a dream

Wake up in vain

The sun rises in the East and sets in the West

Is it bitter or happy? This day is like a gust of wind

You talk about your troubles

He said his pain

One flower, one grass, one person, one world

Thousands of knots are different

I'm fascinated by the spring flowers in the water

I love the real hero who joined the world

Poor many ordinary people

How many cups of dry wine

Don't ask if you have a confidant in front of you

Don't wait for the rain to see the rainbow

Life is long and boundless

There are many obstacles

You can't find the bustle in the temple

I can't tell the true from the false

Cause and effect, happiness and disaster are all debts

And from

The flowers are blooming and falling

It's fate to start and end

Being confused is life

Just in a hurry

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