(Japanese illustration) what time is Lao Lang

2021-04-28 18:54:35  作者:Literary FM

Hello everyone !! I'm thinking again !!

Ask old wolf about the time , Step on the line between the boundless and the human world .

Old wolf's time ,

Concurrent and reverse time overlap , The struggle between survival and death .

Seems to be thinking , Ask old wolf about the time .

Seems to be thinking , Ever since I came to the world ,

Time , Time ,

An untraceable guide ,

A ruthless devil ,

An inevitable curse .

Time has become wolf's proudest weapon ,

A face without lethality , With the blood of gambling .

To old wolf ,

Those who ask for time are in the bag .

In the eyes of the prey ,

The beginning of asking time has lost all .

( Let's introduce the information about the paintings collected by today's wishful thinking art museum : Japanese illustrator Fumi Nakamura My series of paintings , The names are

《“The Present is the Ever Moving Shadow That Divides Yesterday From Tomorrow” The present is the eternal moving shadow that decomposes yesterday from tomorrow 》;

《“The Past is Past, The Future Unformed, There is Only the Moment, and That’s Where I Prefer to be”“ The past is past , The future is not yet in shape , Only now , I want to live in the moment .”》;

《“The State of Ends, The State of Beginnings” The state of ending , The state of beginning 》)

“ Hush is in a state of delusion , Meet interesting souls ~”

Pay attention to the art gallery of wishful thinking ~ Continuously updated , Let's think about it with me ! Here's a little love ️

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