Walking into Xiaochuang (continued 1)

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Take a picture under the rose

There is... On the doorstep of Mr. Zhu's house “ Yu de Yongjun ” Four words , It means that good virtue will last forever . Mr. Zhu is worthy of being a headmaster , The words on the gatehouse are also meaningful .

Come to the hospital , The persimmon tree in front of me is bright green , It's full of life , I can't help thinking .

And the pomegranate tree 、 Boxwood and other trees vie to reflect each other , It's amazing .

A pink rose beside the wall is quietly blooming , She stands like a girl , It gives off a faint fragrance .

In the corridor, a swallow hatches eggs in its nest , We don't have the heart to disturb it , I hope it hatches swallows .

Looking at the swallows hatching in front of us , I suddenly thought of the master of the yard, Mr. Zhu. He was like a swallow , From spring to winter, batch after batch of students have been cultivated , have pupils everywhere .

Miss Zhu is busy , Ask us to sit inside . He made Biluochun tea for us , And the fruit 、 Melon seeds and other snacks , As warm as a new son-in-law , It's kind of embarrassing . Dragonfly teacher also brought dried bayberry snacks and so on .

Muyuan teacher came in a hurry to wear slippers , It's impolite to be a guest , I immediately bought a new pair of shoes in a nearby store and put them on . We drink “ Frightening ” Biluochun tea of the year , Eating sweet fruits and melon seeds , Enjoying the taste of spring , We are immersed in the incomparable happiness , From time to time, I send out bursts of happy songs and laughter .

Time flies in conversation , It's more than half past ten , We want to go around and see . Mr. Zhu suggested to see the Xuhong bridge on the Xujiang River first , It's the largest span wooden bridge in China .

Xuhong Bridge

Mr. Zhu leads the way to xuhongqiao . The Xuhong bridge in front of us is magnificent and tall , Like a rainbow across the Xujiang river .

Step on Xuhong bridge , Overlooking both sides of Xujiang River , The beautiful scenery along the coast and the surging Xujiang River are exciting , It's as if I saw that Wu Zixu presided over the excavation of the world's first man-made canal , The busy scene of diverting Taihu Lake water into Gusu city .

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