Stick to practicing Baduanjin and gain a lot of vitality

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Since childhood, I have been interested in the fitness handed down by the ancestors like Baduanjin 、 The way to keep fit is full of curiosity .

But then , In the mountains , Information blocking , No one around has ever practiced this kind of Kung Fu , therefore , For Baduanjin and other kungfu , I just stay in my imagination .

With the integration of the Internet into life , All kinds of platforms have videos of Baduanjin 、 written words 、 picture , Finally, I have a chance to learn , Very happy .

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A little bit of the video , Practice several times , Just write it down 8 A set of actions .

Although the online circulation of different , In my case , Choose one to practice first .

Keep practicing for a while , There are still some gains .

01 No matter how tired your body is , After practice, I always feel that I have replenished my vitality , Not so tired .

Work reason , I always stay up late , I couldn't get up early the next morning . But smoke 10 Let's practice for a minute , I'm not that sleepy .

And that is , I also occasionally run a half marathon or something , I was too tired to stand after the run .

But after a few runs , Take a break , I practiced Baduanjin for many times , I feel that I have recovered a lot .

02. No matter how upset you are , After practice, I always feel even breathing , Calm down , There are not so many delusions .

occasionally , Because of all kinds of troubles , be on tenterhooks , I'm not in the mood for anything , I can't calm down .

Go to the open space by yourself , Practice Baduanjin alone , Although the worries still exist , But after practice , I feel relieved a lot .

My heart is open , I don't have so much trouble .

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03. Keep practicing , Better health .

Of course , Baduanjin is not the so-called “ as the medicine took effect , the symptoms lessened ” A panacea for , It's going to take a long time to train , Will have a better effect .

There will be a lot of master teaching experience on the Internet , My experience in practice is , Slow down , Do it in place , It's more effective ; The second is , Work hard , You can't just draw a picture , Not at all .

And that is , Pay attention to breathing , Slowly and evenly ; secondly , Find an open and quiet place , Don't be disturbed by others , Only when I put my mind on the exercise , Will have a good effect .

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