How long can women talk in private (Continued)

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How long can women talk in private

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My sister-in-law said that I always appreciate the way I get along with black brother , I'm good tempered and virtuous , One outside and one inside , I think our marriage is solid .

Sorry to smile , It's a shame ,“ You don't know? , Ever since I had a second baby , Especially these two years , A lot of bad temper , This is Fried , Early into menopause ! It's your brother , There's less yelling at home now .”

She can't believe it ,“ You have a bad temper ? How is that possible? ! I often tell my mother that my sister-in-law has a good temper , I'm known for my temper !”

My sister-in-law said that they do sales and run outside every day , There's a lot of entertainment , See more people , Everything . Some little girls are taking advantage of alcohol to attack their leaders , I was stunned , Are you so open and shameless ?

My sister-in-law continued , Once a little girl pointed to her position after drinking and said that the position of the manager's wife was hers , At that time, my sister-in-law was silent , The next day my cousin drove the little girl away .

She said that her cousin ate less than two meals a week at home , Socialize outside every day , She told him you had no problem with business , But don't touch my bottom line .“ I think my marriage can be very good without you , I can make my own money , I can support myself .” Suddenly I think she looks like 《 It's only thirty 》 Gu Jia in China , Beautiful and rustling !

I said with a smile, cousin, that's too sad !“ Don't worry. He is so honest and kind to you , I'm sure there's no such thing as that !” She laughed along with me .

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Of course, we can't forget to talk about ourselves . Brother and sister are very independent , Because of the experience when I was young . She said that when she was a child, she walked more than ten miles to school alone , I always think there's a dog running out behind me ……

I had a bad relationship with my father when I was in college , Dad doesn't pay her , A few thousand yuan of tuition is all earned by oneself . Let me feel special , Think about my carefree golden childhood , I go to school and work with the wind and water , It's so happy !

But maybe it's the suffering , It's a special treasure , Let the younger brothers and sisters be so capable now , Self reliance , Not afraid of wind and rain ; And I'm , Still so cowardly , Strong dependence .

My sister-in-law asked my sister-in-law how you are now , I couldn't help laughing :“ Are we all old enough to greet our bodies !” Tell her it's OK , It's just pharyngitis , It's easy to cough in autumn and winter . She said she was not in good health , There's a nodule that's been operated on .

After a woman gives birth to a child, all the functions of her body have declined , My sister-in-law said that after the age of 35, they should have regular physical examination . She pays attention to this , thyroid 、 Cervical 、 gastroscope 、 Flora …… All kinds of inspection , Find problems and treat them in time , Maybe my father was afraid just a few months from illness to death .

I can't help sighing :“ It's so professional ! I don't know where the viscera grow like me , I don't know anything !”

My little daughter once asked her :“ Mom, who do you love the most in the world ?” She answered, of course, myself ,“ Only when I take good care of myself can I be able to take care of you and grandma .”

Brother and sister are one meter five , More than 80 Jin , There's a lot of energy in a little body . She said I can do what others can do , She doesn't like the same job with no room for improvement , She said she could have had a higher position , But gave up for the sake of the children , Want to spend more time with children and mothers .

That's the limitation of women ! There is no absolute balance , Want to work and have a family at the same time , But most of the time, you can't have both fish and bear paws .

I'm sorry to say that. I'm the opposite of you , I like a steady job , A secure life , There is no ambition or big pursuit , Not making progress , I didn't want to improve myself , It's very unpromising ! I never envy people who drive luxury cars and live in luxury houses better than me , I don't think that has anything to do with half a cent of my money , I just like to enjoy myself in my own small world .

My sister-in-law praised me for my good attitude , This kind of happiness is what others can't get . She said the vice president of their company was always a woman , 1989 , Especially resolute and resolute , It's very tactful , But she's not happy , Make the subordinates unhappy too , Because she has been pursuing higher goals .

Endless pursuit , I can't wait for trouble . Happiness is not about getting more , But less hope . People are unhappy because they have too many desires , If you don't get satisfaction, you have a sense of loss . Happiness consists in contentment , Contentment Changle .

My sister-in-law and I agreed to find a good place to travel together , I always want to take the children to see Huangguoshu waterfall , I most yearn for Yunnan Dali , And Chengdu . I asked the two men with a smile if they heard me ? They are deliberately talking about gourds and ladles , My sister-in-law laughed and said :“ We can just talk it over !”

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