Occasional gain is lost

2021-04-28 18:27:06  作者:Photography

writing / Yin Xilin

Summer seven years ago , We went to Hengyang to visit sister Zhengqin . I had nothing to do that day , My nephew and son-in-law bear took me fishing by the lake . This is the first time I've ever lifted a pole in my life . Bear is a good angler , He baited me , Patience taught me how to swing . I'm not stupid yet , Throw out as ordered . Just sat down , I saw the fish float move suddenly , Pull hard , wow , Miracles happen in seconds , I hooked a yellow bellied fish . Little bear congratulated me excitedly , I'm happy , Don't mention it. . Bear pulls the hook out of the hook , Throw the fish into the bucket . But my soul is caught by the fish , I want to grab it and enjoy it . I didn't expect I just caught it , The slippery fish jumped out of my hand , Flying into the lake . Just harvested baby , Just run away from me in the twinkling of an eye . So angry that I beat my chest , Swearing at the sky , Scold yourself for being stupid and incompetent . Bear see , Try to persuade me , Comfort way :" Uncle , Don't be angry , You set free your virtue , There must be good news ". This is not a few words can calm the pain ! Up to now, I often mention this scandal , It's like seeing bear's frustration again 、 Sorry eyes .

Seven years later , It was a pity that I lost it once in a while , That beautiful and lively yellow croaker always haunts me , Really? , I miss it .

What's the name of yellow croaker ? I've long forgotten . My family just had their birthday last week , Seventy has seven . I know that people always have something to do , As soon as you think of it, do it right away . therefore , Yesterday, I turned on my mobile phone and immediately sent wechat to Xiaohong , Ask for the name of the fish and ask her to send a picture . In the twinkling of an eye, my niece sent me a wechat reply , Her family just had a little bear catching fish .

This fish is called " Huangshagu ",

Look , How beautiful the beauty of fish is . We old Yin , A guy who's never touched a fish pole , If you can swing the pole for the first time, you can catch a yellow sand ancient , How awesome ! It's luck , The luck that hit the top of my head, though God won't let us eat it , It's about keeping it safe , Run away .