From Dujiangyan

2021-04-28 18:11:14  作者:Photography

Go to Dujiangyan , It was a month ago . There was no time to record anything , Just the blossom of the tree in my memory , The scene of a river flowing eastward still comes to mind from time to time ……

Along the Baitiao river that day , Keep going . The running water beside us is passing by , It's so clear and bright green , Crystal clear as jade . Looking at a pool of green water rolling forward , He was full of love for this place . I want to stay here for one night , Take a good look at the mountains and rivers here , It's worth the trip .

With this idea , I don't have to rush back . Just walk along the river bank from the afternoon to the beginning of the lantern , Night enveloped the river .

The town is surrounded by mountains under the color of mu , There was a thin mist , A sense of mystery passes through my mind . In the hustle and bustle of the crowd , I slowed down and walked through the old streets . At this time, the sky began to drizzle , The rain is coming with the breeze .

Bluestone washed by rain , It's a long way to go . Walking, I see two trees full of flowers , A white tree 、 A light purple tree sets off the beautiful river .

Xingfu Road Pedestrian Street is full of people , Many of them come from afar to worship the water . French Wutong on both sides of the road covers the sky , The sun makes people gather here even when the sun is burning .

Tea Horse Road , Has a long history . It was the place where the ancients did business and sold tea , The ancient city wall is still preserved today . Yuzui hotel is a local landmark , So it becomes “ Fish mouth in the river .” It originated from Dujiangyan , I will tell you that this is the source of the Yangtze River , The upstream . When the river reaches downstream , It is no longer so clear and clean , It also reminds people to cherish the water of life !