Late spring

2021-04-28 17:31:28  作者:Photography

No matter how reluctant we are , Spring will come to an end . I had to grab its tail , Enjoy the beautiful scenery of the countryside and the river bank .

It's sunny , The sun is warm . In the afternoon , Travel through the country , Look down from a height : The corn plants stand straight , The branches and leaves are luxuriant , a wild profusion of vegetation ; The fruit is green , Expose one's head and beard ; The top of the branch blossoms , It's golden , Dancing with the wind , It's fragrant , It's like a golden ocean , Small waves , Glitter , hopeful !

A timely rain cleans the dust , Moisten everything , Bring cool , It lasts from morning till afternoon .

A path under the bridge is sparsely populated , The air is fresh , It's wet ! The stream is green , The microwave is rippling ; A few oleanders have many branches and few leaves , Flowers are blooming , Pink is beautiful , Smell good ; The forest is lush on the opposite side , Green , The house behind the tree is exposed ……

The scenery of late spring is wonderful , We wander around , Linger , Until it's dark , The dim yellow street lamp is on , Just reluctantly return home .