Heart with spring and summer (48)

2021-04-28 16:57:17  作者:Photography

“ Mom's gone , I left at five yesterday afternoon , It's peaceful when you go .” Walk to Red Army Street in Zunyi in the morning , I just sat down and didn't have time to have tea , A wechat from sister Lefeng , It makes me feel like a thunderbolt , It's unbelievable . A month ago, my wife and I went to see Lefeng's mother 、 We have always been affectionately called cousin , Chatting in the living room ; Praise Ruihua's delicious food on the dinner table ; Walking in the courtyard with my cousin in a wheelchair, chatting and laughing . At that time, my cousin was near 92 The age of , But the body is strong 、 be in good out of a bandbox , I also went back to the old people who lived in “ Qingcheng landscape ” The agreement of , In her 120 To her birthday party on her birthday , She was full of promises , And took pictures with us . What do you say, just leave ? I don't want to believe it , My heart is shaking violently , My body can't help shivering , It's only when my parents die . I've said that before , My cousin and my wife , Although it's only with family ties , Follow the elder sister 、 Big brother-in-law's name , But that kind of friendliness at first sight is just like a child to a mother .

My cousin's gone , My wife and I want to cry , Wailing cousin, such a good old man, devoted himself to the revolution in his school days ; Since the founding of the people's Republic of China, he has been working hard for the party's educational cause ; I have worked hard to bring up four children and become outstanding 、 Including the grandchildren, all of them are unique and outstanding ; Still active and healthy after retirement 、 Noble character , Full of positive energy . My cousin and I first met in the last century 1982 year 5 month , Brief contact leaves an unforgettable impression of elegance and intellectuality . It's time to meet again 2005 year , I was busy working at that time , Go on the weekend “ Qingcheng landscape ” Xiaozhu , I met her sister Lefeng and her mother in the same yard , So we had a couple of dinners together . The real contact is when I'm completely free , I always live at the foot of Qingcheng Mountain , I always see my cousin when I walk in the morning and evening in summer , Chatting while walking has become a habit , More and more people are interested in talking , In the end, it turned out to be a love forgetting relationship . My cousin also made no secret of her love for me and my wife , She always said that she had regarded us as a family for a long time . In the last ten years, my wife and I went to Australia , There are few opportunities to meet my cousin , But every time I return home, I have to pay a special visit to the old people , As soon as the old man heard that we were back in Chengdu , They can't hide their eagerness to get together . My cousin and I have been keeping in touch with each other on wechat for many years , Even though her eyes were almost blind , Every day, I have to send a few messages with health care value ; Because it's not convenient to write , Several times she spoke through wechat , To convey her yearning for us , My wife and I were deeply moved .

My cousin's gone , Go to heaven and reunite with her beloved cousin ; My cousin's gone , A loving mother is missing from the family 、 grandma 、 grandmother ; My cousin's gone , Since then, we have no cousins who have long been regarded as mothers ; My cousin's gone , Since then, the world has lost a great woman . We know that the state of human life is divided into three levels , As long as there is concern and deep love in my heart , My cousin will not leave us , Will live forever in the world of our true love .

I wish my cousin a good journey to heaven ! We will always miss you !