See the flowers blooming in the light valley of Jiufeng

2021-04-28 16:01:07  作者:Photography

Last year, I went to Jiufeng Optical Valley to enjoy the Golden Rooster and chrysanthemum sea , This year, gesanghua was planted in the same place , Today, we see the flowers blooming in Jiufeng Optical Valley , I saw a large sea of gesanghua with ups and downs like wheat waves , Wandering in the sea of flowers every day , I smile like a flower , My life is as beautiful as a flower !

How to get there by bus :

1, sit 511 Turn to Wuchang railway station complex 518 One way to Jiufeng, four way to Optics Valley , That's it .

2, Or sit 702 Go to Ma'anshan forest park 536 Get off at Jiufeng No.1 and Guanggu No.4 , It's fine too .