Kaiping Diaolou

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A place where you've been once and want to go again , Then there must be something extraordinary about it , Kaiping Diaolou is a place like this .

Like to be full of cultural legends and historical background , And those historic sites with a sense of time and mission .

One ,

Last time I had a temporary idea with my husband , I went to Diaolou and visited the road in a hurry , I only visited Zili village for half a day , Aftertaste to the present .

I have an appointment with a group of friends today , I went to the watchtower again . We started a little late in the morning , An hour and a half by car , It was eleven o'clock when we arrived , I bought a full set of tickets at the first stop of majianglong village , And then stop by stop sightseeing .

My friend has been all the way before , She is familiar with leading the team into the village , A tour of buildings , Shocked by the construction and protection of these watchtowers , Let the present villagers benefit from generation to generation , Great changes have taken place in the history of one hundred years , They're all well preserved .

A village , Divided into civilian living areas and blockhouses , A blockhouse with its own house , The way of life inside is a combination of Chinese and western , A basic Chinese kitchen , Western style halls 、 Stairs , A toilet was installed in the toilet more than 100 years ago , Many blockhouses also have modern bathtubs , It's very luxurious .

The environment around the house is quiet , Like many villages, there are bamboo forests , There are many healthy chickens and ducks in the fence , Now is the season of Yangmiao oil green , The fields are full of water , A picturesque pastoral landscape .

Friends have a good memory , Under her leadership , We visited the whole village , No turning back .

At noon, we come out of majianglong village , Then I sit in the temporary Pavilion in the bamboo forest and wait for lunch , I ordered a local chicken and some sweet potato and pumpkin leaf soup , Ordered a fish , It's not very fresh , The chicken has a bite , It's like the local chicken that has been raised for several months , It tastes delicious .

The boss and the landlady are very enthusiastic , And a bunch of naturally ripe bananas , It's just that the waiting time is a little long . My friend said that if I listen to her at the beginning, I will light a chicken as soon as I enter the village , We can eat it when we come out . This lunch really cost us an hour , It also leads to the lack of time for the later journey , It's a pity .

Come to Liyuan after one in the afternoon . As soon as you enter the park, you first enter the exhibition hall , Watch the three main Diaolou villages : Ma Jianglong 、 Liyuan 、 A brief introduction to Zili village . After watching the video, I came out and visited a small museum .

In Liyuan , See the main building of European style , See the concrete bird's nest building imitating the hollow out rattan , I see a flower house imitating the Taj Mahal in India , These beautiful buildings with a hundred years of history , It's amazing .

In the corner of a stream , See a small watchtower , The staff of the building said that it was built in memory of the second lady , The second lady died in childbirth when she was young , I can imagine their love story should be very beautiful , Will build a building to commemorate .

Those Jinshan tourists who once traveled across the sea to seek gold in other places , I've been out all year, but I can't settle down on the other side of the ocean , Their dreams accumulated with their life's sweat and blood , It's to build a dream home in my hometown .

Two ,

Afternoon 4 spot 10 We will arrive at Jinjiang Li , This is a more remote village , Need to bypass a hillside and paddy field , Like a paradise hidden in the corner . The most famous one here is a nine story watchtower , It can be called the king of Diaolou .

We arrived near the end of the day , The staff of the parking lot rushed to explain , Let's speed up , First visit the watchtower which is still open . We're in a hurry , On the way, I saw a group of elder sisters I met at lunch , They greet me warmly , And told us that they had finished the tour , Said we came too late , It's closing soon .

There are only two watchtowers open here , Fortunately, I caught up with the last house , I went up and visited , Take a picture in a hurry . On the top of the building, I see the neighboring building king next door , The staff said it was private , Only on weekends , But a separate ticket is required , About everyone 20 element . After the tour, we went down to the bottom of the building and took a picture as a souvenir , Look forward to coming again next time .

We will continue to visit Zili village at the last stop today . Because I came late , The staff in several open buildings have been off work , So I brought my friends to the place where I heard the story of Diaolou last time , Make them feel like one again .

My friends are listening to stories in the blockhouse , I was downstairs by myself , After visiting several scenic spots in a row , Enjoy the tranquility of nature by being alone ~~

Westward declines the sun , The afterglow reddened the green rice fields , Willow leaves and bamboo leaves dance with the wind , Quietly watching the insects and ants on the ground in a hurry , Maybe they're going to prepare a big dinner , It's a moment of natural serenity , I feel like .

I ran into the works of photographers on the road

When I just came into the scenic spot , The staff are off duty , A group of photographers are still reluctant to take pictures in the sunset , Tut tut praised the charm of the watchtower in the setting sun and the rice fields in the village .

They see how we dress , Ask us to be models ? I'm sorry to say no , I reluctantly accepted , It should be a layman , From a temporary point of view , Back and forth several times , To finish the task . It's an unexpected episode , But it's interesting to think about it , Before we left, we also added a photo friend's wechat .

I ran into the works of photographers on the road

I heard that , The original Diaolou was built in 5 A hundred years of history , At the beginning, it was mainly to resist the flood , Later it became a refuge for the villagers , And then developed into blockhouses to resist the enemy , Slowly extended into a gorgeous and livable villa , Now the blockhouse is a combination of defense and residence .

Local friends grew up in Guangdong , It's my first time to visit , We are from other provinces , Twenty years later , I've been here once, but I can't help coming back again .

Friends say , I like the watchtower in Kaiping very much , I think it's the best Lingnan architecture she's ever seen . After coming back, she checked a lot of materials and recommended them to us .

It turns out that this garden , Was built in the 1925 year ,1936 It began to be abandoned in , Use only the 10 year , What a waste . But when the war broke out , Rich owners must go back to seek refuge abroad , I think they are so successful in China , In foreign countries, they have been standing at the top for a long time .

See a video , Recorded the communication between distant relatives , Such a long time , Women stay at home to take care of the family , Some even watch alone for life , Some will adopt a child for company , And far away from home , It's also supported by the belief of relatives in hometown , All the way down , Finally, he returned to his hometown .

So many watchtowers , Liyuan is the most luxurious , It is mainly divided into villas 、 Small garden 、 The big garden has three parts , The lighting is good in the tall building , It's warm in winter and cool in summer . It's an imitation of 《 A dream of red mansions 》 It's built by the artistic conception of the Grand View Garden .

Chadouniang said :【 There is a watchtower in Liyuan, which is called Rakuten tower , It's located between several villas , Facing the open space in front of the village , The building is five stories high , Reinforced concrete structure , The doors and windows are made of thick steel plate , The windows are fitted with thick steel branches , Very strong , Each floor is equipped with external 、 Down the shot hole , There's a magazine . Under the memorial archway of Liyuan behind the watchtower , There is also a large basement made of reinforced concrete , Built in mechanism , There are tunnels connected with Diaolou and other buildings , There is an exit beside the canal , Usually raising ducks as camouflage , If the watchtower cannot be guarded , Can retreat from this . Such a structure , In the watchtowers of Kaiping , There's no other way .】

These Chinese and Western architectural styles , For the purpose of practicality , The attitude of being in harmony with the world , All of them create the unique architectural charm of Kaiping carving building , Make it a unique landscape in China's coastal areas .

What I like best is the rural scenery preserved here , Nature is simple and beautiful !

Look at the landscape of the city , Tasting a hundred years of culture .

Postscript , My friend asked me to recommend the route of Kaiping Diaolou :

Kaiping Diaolou's Taoyao 180 element / people , Including tickets for three scenic spots, a free jinjiangli .

The king of nine story building in jinjiangli village

The first stop is jinjiangli village , This is a gift from the package , It's surrounded by rice fields , The environment is beautiful , There are only a few watchtowers , The Louwang is here , But it's private , I need to buy another ticket , Probably 20 element / Left and right , And if it's a coincidence , Just catching up with the host in .

Nanyang kapok , Friends say : When the fruit on the tree is ripe , These cotton balls can be made into pillows

The second stop , Ma Jianglong village , The bamboo forest in this village is good , It's just a row of houses , A little circle , Look at some watchtowers , At noon, 11 It's best to visit before , After visiting one or two watchtowers , You can find a restaurant first , Order a walking chicken , Let the restaurant clean and cook first , It's about an hour and a half to go out of the watchtower , Just came out for lunch .

Liyuan is just a family complex , Like a large private garden , And the most gorgeous , You can visit after lunch 、 Taking pictures , If it takes a long time to take pictures , It'll take about an hour .

Zili village is the most beautiful , Let's go in after three , You can enjoy the sunset in the rice fields . If you have time , You can also visit the private watchtower , Listen to their old stories .

Friends said that this is the highlight of this trip . If we visit again next time , I will choose to visit the old private watchtowers on the roadside , Listen to more different stories .