Make friends with time and go further

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Chinese film theorists 、 The playwright Colin once said :

Laughter is an emotional stretch , Tears are the purification of feelings .

Emotions need to be stretched and purified , So is time .

When you're busy running like a top , When there is no time to be healthy ; When you look at the calendar and wonder where all the time has gone ; When you can't help accompanying your child to the playground ; When you want to sleep ten more minutes every day , When I drag myself to work , Namely “ Time purifies ” The signal to you .

《 Purify your time 》 It's a book that teaches you how to purify time .

By Steven . Griffith , He's a famous American writer 、 Speaker 、 Researchers and performance experts , Time 、 A leader in the study of the relationship between productivity and performance .25 Over the years , Griffith has helped many well-known corporate executives around the world 、 Military leaders 、 professional player 、 Stars and organizations discover their true potential , Create the pinnacle .

The author discovers from long-term work practice that , social media 、 gossip 、 Talk to negative people 、 Overwork 、 Frequent news coverage 、 Reply to all kinds of groups 、 Greedy for cheap online shopping 、 It's also a matter of heart and mind , Can't concentrate on efficient work, etc , All belong to time “ Toxins ”.

these “ Toxins ” So that our time is “ Pollution ” 了 , Wasted a lot of valuable time , It increases the pressure of work , It also affects family happiness , Even physical and mental health , It's time to clean up your time , Let life go on a healthy track .

Psychological consultation teacher 、 The coach 、NLP Executive 、 Trainer Li Xiaoxue , He is the translator of this book . In her opinion , The biggest feature of this book is the deep integration of the coach's thoughts and wisdom , The purpose of life is analyzed systematically 、 sense of worth 、 vision 、 Identity, etc .

Li Xiaoxue said “ Purification time is just a tool , It reflects a way of thinking , It's the value of life 、 A manifestation of faith , If the kernel is not upgraded , Tools are always tools , It's not time that we really manage , But myself .”

that , How to upgrade the kernel ?

Once we thought :

Time is a scarce resource that goes by , The focus of people's work is , Complete a specific task in a fixed time unit . In such a mind , Time is seen as an external force that we cannot shake , I can only think about how to manage it . This is the traditional idea of time management .

After reading the book , We will think :

You're in control 、 The commander controls his time , Your relationship with time is positive , Time is your ally , A trustworthy friend , It will think what you think , Give you what you need , And keep pushing you to do important things . It's a new concept of time .

《 Purify your time 》 There is a golden sentence that runs through the whole process , That's it :

“ Is it good or bad for my happiness and success ?”

Follow your heart , Find out the answer , Help yourself to be happy and successful , Continue to maintain and carry forward ; conversely , The sooner you purify, the sooner you benefit .

When it comes to purification , eliminate “ Toxins ” Time of day , Make sure you have a clear attitude , For those who cannot be isolated for the time being , Be kind to yourself , Focus on the heart ; For those who consume too much energy , Learn to refuse , Be good at giving up .

There is a passage in the book :

When we're worried about whether we're missing something important , We've actually missed this moment of real life . We're always worried about other people , Places and things , Instead of living in the moment .

We're always worried about this , Worry about that , Just not focusing on the moment , Only “ Forget the existence of time ”, Focus all your attention on the present , Feel the beauty of the moment , Only in this way can we get entangled 、 anxious 、 The restless self becomes the peaceful self , This is the solution “ Time purifies ” A state of the problem .

With this state , To follow the book “ Time purification process ”, Find and solve problems step by step .

The author likes to say that :

You always have to do it yourself , But you've never been alone .

I also like the saying : One can walk very fast , A group of people will go further .

The more rapid development 、 In an era of intense competition , The more cooperation is needed , Communication and cooperation with others is an ability .

In terms of time management , There are two styles of time , Time guardian and time Walker .

They have very different styles , The guardian of time is organized 、 Discipline 、 Punctuality and preciseness ; The Rambler of time is in peace of mind , Be flexible 、 No dogma 、 Not impatient .

Whatever kind of person , You don't have to look up at yourself , Look down on others , Because which style of people is not absolute , In different areas , Different stages , Everyone's time style also changes .

Don't impose your own sense of time on others , Have more open conversations with others , Set guidelines on the basis of consensus , To achieve a win-win situation .

“ Time goes by , But never stay , It knows it can't take anything with it , But never force ......”

It's a hit show 《 Little shede 》 The end of the movie , The tune is slow , Sing it out slowly , I'm telling you what's on my mind , Time regards you and me as friends , Never ask us anything , We should cherish this good friend more , It's used to purify toxins , Holding hands with friends , Go further and further .

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