The experience of exchanging money can't be returned to treat human nature with the greatest kindness.

2021-04-28 14:03:26  作者:Life journey

Yesterday, a colleague suddenly asked me , There are no dollars , He wants to exchange RMB for us dollars in my hand , exchange rate 6.5( In fact, the bank's current exchange rate is only 6.49 But that 0.01 In fact, it's not much different , Because either Alipay or WeChat , There is also a service charge for cash withdrawal .)

It's kind of funny .

Come and ask me A colleagues , In the afternoon 6:10 We'll meet after the break to exchange money , I told him. , I'm off work 5 spot , And then we're going to the gym , It's impossible to wait until you get to 6 Click over . If you want to change it , Now come to the bedroom door to change , Or wait until I come back , I don't know when I'll be back .

He said he was in a hurry , But I don't know what's the rush , Because in Vietnam , The dollar is not a direct currency , It also needs to be converted to vnd to use .

So I came up with a compromise , Let him come to me at the gym , He doesn't do it , Later I said forget it .

Forget it , There's so much to ask for help , The truth is .


When I'm ready to go out , It's close, too 6 O 'clock .

It doesn't matter , Who knows this guy , Said he came to me now , I want to slap him in the face , I'm back .

I won't know until we meet , This guy's just a middleman , What's really going to change money is B colleagues , He let B After meeting me, I left .

Well said 1000 dollar ,6500 RMB . As a result, he sent me wechat , It shows that he is short of balance , Later, I saw that there were also 18000 But it just can't turn around .

My reaction was , Maybe there are no foreign exchange settlement dollars on his card , So there is not much RMB actually available . I asked him if he had ever settled foreign exchange , He said no. -_-||. It just means that he didn't use the dollars on his salary card , U.S. dollars are only negotiable when they are converted into RMB , I asked him if he had a mobile phone , Mobile phone should open the function of foreign exchange settlement , Need SMS verification code , He said there was a cell phone , But now I can't get the captcha .

But at present, only 4000, Less than 6500. He said turn first 4000 Give me a , Turn tomorrow 2500. I think we are all colleagues , Okay . I gave it directly to him 1000 dollar , Accepted 4000 WeChat , I went to the gym .

The more I think about it later, the more unreliable I feel , A sister came to ask if I had changed money for them , I said change , She said : I'll pay you when I get the money , Who knows what these gamblers will do .

When my sister finishes this , I'm a little bit empty 2500 There's no place . I'm also opening myself up , Not to , Not to .

Things have come to this day , He should be as he promised yesterday , Turn the money to me , As a result, he first sent a wechat , They said that they would pay me RMB until next month , what ???

Wait until next month , also 15 What about heaven? !

I asked him , Your bank card will also receive US dollars next month , How to transfer RMB to me ?

He said : Verification code not received , I can't turn it . Look at your needs , I can give you dollars .

What the hell? !

He finally asked me , Can you wait .

I replied directly , Next month is too long .

His return : I'll try to transfer it to me today .

Less than 10 Minutes of time , I saw him turn the rest of the way 2500 block .

It makes me wonder , How did he manage the money .

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