Q & a day 525

2021-04-28 13:57:54  作者:Photography

2021 year 4 month 28 Japan Wednesday

1、 ask : We are in export business , This man m The currency has been devaluing all the way recently Let's worry about it I got it m Gold is shrinking day by day What do you think of the exchange rate recently ?

answer : Don't exporters worry about RMB appreciation ? Are you saying the opposite ? Devaluation is good for export , What are you worried about ? Another one says , Are you looking backwards ? People now m The currency is not devaluing all the way , It's appreciation all the way ! It's not a good habit , Everything can't form the opposite concept , Say the opposite and see the opposite , It's going to cause chaos !

2、 ask : I am a 18 I started investing in the stock market in , No less than 300000 . The main reason is that we can't hold individual stocks , Always short-term operation , As a result, I missed a lot of opportunities to make money . Want to ask , People like me , Is it suitable to invest in the stock market ?

answer : If you 18 Started investing in the stock market in , If you lose money , There are problems with your investment ideas and strategies . Look at your summary, the reason for losing money is to invest in individual stocks plus short-term operation , Well summed up . My advice is that individuals should not invest in individual stocks , To invest in funds , Mainly stock funds and bond funds . When people first enter the investment market , It's all about making money , Too high in heart , That frequent operation of short-term speculation , Cause a loss . Investment is a long-term business , It can't be done overnight , In a hurry . The important way is to learn first , Arm yourself , Know what it is , More to know why , Then we can find the opportunity to make money , take your time , It's amazing to be upright .

3、 ask : A fund I bought and held has the advantage of BOCOM //, Since its establishment , Basically, there's no big pullback , It's going up all the time , In recent years, it has been rising rapidly ! There's no big pullback , I can't see the future trend . As the saying goes , Trees can't grow to heaven , Why do I always think he's going up so well , On the contrary, I'm not sure , It's not as clear as the rise and fall of index funds ! Please give me some advice , thank you !

answer : It's good to have your mental vigilance in the investment market . But it has to be analyzed on a case by case basis . If you invest in bond funds , Basically, it's just up and down, very little , But it's going up a little , Less revenue . As you said, this fund is a kind of allocation fund with stocks and bonds , The big trend is that it keeps rising , The profit logic of index funds is different . It's going up in a certain period of time , Definitely can't catch up with the market and Index Fund . Investment should be more conservative , There's no harm in being conservative , Those who can make money are conservative people .

4、 ask : I invested in a portfolio of securities companies , Because the company doesn't have 7-10 China development bond index fund , Only a few 1-3 and 3-5 China development bond fund , And the scale is less than 100 million . Excuse me, , They can replace 7-10 National development bond fund does asset portfolio ?

answer : The answer is yes , They can't replace 7~10 China development bond fund . It's not about size , It's the difference between long debt and short debt , Can't replace each other , Their functions in combination are different .

5、 ask : I made a portfolio of equity and debt , We have completed three buying operations , The follow-up plan will be put into operation every month 2 ten thousand , I'm going to make a decision 5 In the above , Is that all right? ?

answer : You put asset allocation and fund investment together , In fact, this is not very good . Because asset allocation itself has to be rebalanced once a year , The timing of investment has been avoided , There's no need to make a decision . Of course , If you use your salary , Buy this combination every month , As a way of accumulating funds, it's not too bad . If you use it, you have money now , Artificially divided into dozens , Go to fixed pitch 5 Year's words , Then the efficiency of the use of funds is very poor . The existing funds can be divided into three parts , Three months to buy it , This can improve the efficiency of the use of funds .