The reason why a good man is good is not because he is stupid, but because he is really smart

2021-04-28 12:52:40  作者:Life journey

Today's letter , It's a teacher , Serious work , Be sincere , High level of business .

Lian Yue called the teacher a strong man .

The teacher himself doesn't think so , At the end of the letter , She wrote : Sorry to let uncle Lian see such a cowardly letter , I look forward to your guidance . I've seen many wonderful stories , It's hateful of me to look so self pity .

Justice in the world , It's always relative , In the environment I live in , Most of what I feel is a state of fairness , Or it has something to do with my natural contentment .

This time I found that , It's hard to be fair and just , And we have to face it .

Here is an excerpt of Lian Yue's reply :

The strength and weakness of life , It will take a long time to test .

In the short term , Some opportunistic , People with bad morals seem to have the upper hand , It's like they steal your honor from the teaching competition .

There are always bad people in the world , There are always bad people everywhere , Don't doubt your own good just because there are bad people , Don't give up being a good man just because a bad man gains something . Good people are good people , It's because being able to see through the bad guys can't go far , Good people are good , It's not stupid , It's because it's smart , It's good nature 、 Rational and skillful 、 Long term comprehensive results .

Supporting the elderly , Raising children , This is the task and responsibility of almost all families , There's bound to be pressure , Always worried about not enough money .

To live with this kind of pressure , Because it's always a part of life .

Expect to get rich to relieve the pressure , The probability is too low , If you design life like this , That life will always be in escape 、 depressed 、 The situation of failure .

Most people , Big cities , A small county or a small city , Income is just above and below the average , Can make the family happy 、 Financially healthy , It's all family members who are good people , Attend to each one's own duties , Work in earnest , Assumed liabilities .

I want to be a good man , I want to live a happy life , It's not limited by time and space , Want to , It can be done .

Today I did , Tomorrow's risk is smaller . Happy today , The total amount of happiness in life is one day larger .

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