Are those who do not collect money from the people unpatriotic?

2021-04-28 12:52:31  作者:Life journey

Flip through the browser of your phone , Jump out of an eye-catching title 《 Hiding foreign exchange from the people threatens national financial security 》, I am astonished ! Listen to the content , In less than a minute I left the window . Today's financiers are mixed up , Strange talk confuses right and wrong .《 Sister Ma said that investment 》 Ma Xia's Hu Chuai ability is unprecedented .

Looking back on history, there was no foreign exchange control in foreign trade transactions of all dynasties . Even in the Song Dynasty “ Jiaozi ”, If this form of currency appeared in all countries of the world at the same time , However, all countries resolutely did not implement foreign exchange control .

Spain 、 Netherlands 、 He once dominated the world , Do they have foreign exchange control at home ? No, ! Even now the number one overlord of the world, the United States , There is no exchange control at home . Are the people who dominate the world unpatriotic ? Really kidding about the earth . On the contrary, many people in the world who implement foreign exchange control will become American citizens even if they betray their motherland , May I ask Ms. Ma Xia , How to explain this phenomenon ?

The United States has no exchange control , Is the free exchange of foreign exchange disturbing domestic financial security ? No, ! Japan has no foreign exchange control , Is the free exchange of foreign exchange disturbing Japan's financial security ? either ! Germany has no exchange control , The free exchange of foreign exchange has not disturbed the financial security in Germany ! therefore , The free exchange of foreign exchange does not affect domestic financial security .… contrary , Collecting foreign exchange from the people will make it more convenient for enterprises or individuals to conduct foreign trade transactions , Due to the small amount of foreign exchange collected by enterprises or individuals , They will also be more convenient for arbitrage and hedging , It's more convenient to hedge the risk of exchange rate changes .

It is a false proposition that those who do not share with the people are not patriotic , It's also inappropriate to hide foreign exchange from the people and threaten financial security , Financial people should not label financial terms according to their own aura .

Financial Blackmouth is not credible .

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