There is a street behind Nanyi (5)

2021-04-28 12:50:43  作者:Photography

The dance of the wind

Many sculptures in Nanyi back street , It's also very chic and imaginative .

In the grass , Big, small, five “ people ” In wrong order , They were dressed in white , No specific face , Leaning over , It seems to keep moving forward . We of all living beings , From generation to generation in the flood of the times , Go on in silence , Maybe a member of the sculpture .

The dance of the wind

The two children stood hand in hand in the grass , They're surrounded by layers of wire .

Take a rough look , I don't think it's special . And so on, concentrate on carefully looking at the shape of the peripheral wire , Then I saw the light .

Oh dear , I really don't know , The original outer wire , It's a couple sitting back to back on the grass .

So designed , It's amazing .