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My mother's home

Amber Drop Necklace , Peach and Pearl dew .

Flowers and warblers tread on the snow , The fruit is dense and the teeth produce fluid .

Wanzhuan jinpanxie , It's different from the jade cup .

My mother often gives me wine , Don't let the sun shine .

(20210420) This is a [ Begonia society 672 Homework ][Begonia society 672 Homework] The first 16 No

Spring is late in northern China .

It's late April , It's exciting to watch peach and apricot flowers on campus , The flower bud of plum just twisted its mouth on the branch . Yesterday when I passed the clove fence , Lilacs loomed on the branches , In a few days, I think , It's going to be fragrant .

The pink cherry in the street fence is also like a competition , Jack up a cloud , The green of the new willows beside the street is especially bright and soft , Drive through it , There seems to be a light song in my heart , It's very pleasant .

But what I miss more is my mother's cherry . Yesterday's video with mom , She said the cherry flowers were falling , Cherry blossoms are very dense this year , A lot of cherries . When you hear that , My taste buds were successfully stimulated , He swallowed his saliva in vain .

Every year in the middle of June , Mom's cherry is waiting for me , Mom will tell me the cherry is ripe on the phone , It's time to eat , Ask me when I'm going back ,,, And my heart will immediately fly to the cherry tree full of exquisite agate , Just one touch , The cherry like a wreath jumps down , They are crystal and mellow , It's tender and fragile .

however , It's really sour to eat empty , I can only eat five or six . What I prefer is to take them off and rinse them , Go back and cook with honey or rock sugar , And then seal it with a clean jar , Make sweet and sour cherry wine .

In a month or two , You can open it and eat it , Scoop half a small bowl with a spoon , Fruit in soup , Fresh and sharp , My heart is also sweet , It's an indescribable ease that seeps into the bone marrow .

Mom always said on the phone , Come on, come on , Or they all fall to the ground , It's a pity liǎo Of .

I miss my mother's cherry , Cherry can't talk , But it knows , Mom must miss her greedy girl again .


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