In spring and autumn, Rhododendron blossoms and cormorant mountain

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Measure the green mountains and waters with your feet , Understand green mountains and green waters with eyes , Remember green mountains and green waters with your heart , Use wechat to introduce green mountains and green waters , Use simple books to record green mountains and green waters , Eulogizing green mountains and green waters with poems , Cherish green mountains and green waters with emotion , Mix green mountains and green waters with hobbies . Because green mountains and green waters are more and more beautiful , Just because the love of green mountains and green waters is getting hotter and hotter , It's just that the outdoors makes you look better , Just because walking makes you stronger and stronger , Just because of the movement, the balance of medical insurance card is increasing .

Because of that ,2021.04.24 Day and 50 Many donkey friends together , I'm on my way to the outdoor club 、 Starry sky 、 happy 、 Under the leadership of the four leaders of the team , Go to Yuhang cormorant mountain in Hangzhou for hiking .

Kangniao mountain is located in the west of luniao Town, Yuhang City, Hangzhou 4 km , At an altitude of 869 rice , For Hangzhou 10 One of the mountain peaks . The top of cormorant mountain is huge , Majestic , Continuous meadow , Wide field of vision , Yaotou mountain 、 Hongtao mountain 、 Immortal stone and other places . Bottom up , The vegetation on the mountain is bamboo forest in turn 、 Mixed forest of Chinese fir 、 The Bush 、 Alpine meadow , Full of nature and wild fun . From year to year 4-5 The rhododendrons in full bloom all over the mountain make cormorant mountain full of charming charm .

At noon, 11 The team arrived at the entrance of the whole city at the foot of the mountain on the west side of cormorant , Under the guidance of the yoga teacher in the group of donkey friends, finish the warm-up exercise , Follow the mountain road to dongliangmen , All the way to Zhuangyuan chair through the bamboo Pavilion . Take a rest in the champion chair and March to the highest peak, qizigang .

Cormorant mountain is a beautiful mountain . At the foot of the mountain, there are the most beautiful bamboo forests in the south of the Yangtze River , And then there's bushes on the hillside , It's worth mentioning that it's supposed to be a bush , Fir trees have been planted in many places , It shows the diligence of the local people . What surprised me was that the number one chair went up all the way , It's no longer a bush , It's a half meter high alpine meadow . Without the trees , Wide view , Standing on any Hill , Can see far, far . Rhododendrons blooming on the hillside , Mountains in the distance , A small mountain village with white walls at the foot of the mountain , Take in everything in a glance , picturesque , It's beautiful .

The unusual distribution of vegetation at high places , It caused me to observe and think . Get out of the meadow , But below are mostly small stones less than the size of a palm , There is very little earth in the crevice . Such landforms , tree 、 Bamboo can't survive at all , Even meadows don't grow well . Look at the top of the mountain , The top of the mountain here and the peak of Danxia landform on the other side of Xinchang 、 Graceful standing 、 Precipitous and abrupt 、 Cliffs are different . It's a huge steamed bread 、 Gentle hills . Gentle hills , Endless low meadows , It's like the illusion of entering the northern grassland .

Why is the top of the mountain flat steamed bread ? Tens of thousands of years or even hundreds of thousands of years 、 Millions of years ago , Is it possible that the top of the mountain here is also a strange peak ? I've got a brain full of ideas . Because of the movement of the earth's crust , Natural weathering , Lightning and thunder , Big rocks turn into small ones , Small rocks become smaller particles , After the sun and rain , Mountain torrents scour , Mud and sand flow down the valley , To the foot of the mountain . So the mountain is getting lower and lower , More and more gentle , It's the current steamed bread type . At the same time, there is less and less soil on the top of the mountain , The vegetation is getting thinner and thinner , The soil in the valley and at the foot of the mountain is getting thicker and thicker , The vegetation is growing . And the movement of nature continues , Make the mountain lower 、 More gentle .

Cormorant mountain this season , No doubt it's for the cuckoo . The understanding of Rhododendron first came from movies 《 The shining red star 》 Song .

In the middle of the night, looking forward to the dawn

In the cold winter, I look forward to the spring breeze

If you want the Red Army to come

All over the mountains, the mountain is red

All over the mountains, the mountain is red

All over the mountains, the mountain is red


So in my young heart, I regard YINGSHANHONG as a magic flower , The beauty of the flower .

After the reform and opening up, the water is clear , The mountain is green . park 、 Green space 、 Rhododendrons are planted in the community , With age , The accumulation of knowledge , I also know that YINGSHANHONG is a Rhododendron , Attention to rhododendrons has also deepened . We plant azaleas and holly in the same way . Row by row 、 Close planting , The tree is not tall , It's still only a foot high after a few years . Every April the azalea begins to blossom , The first few , More and more in a few days , A week later, the flowers bloomed one after another , By this time the flowers had covered the leaves , Both above and around are fresh and tender 、 Beautiful flowers .

The wild rhododendrons in the mountains are very different from those planted here . The most shocking thing is the big head , It's usually a few meters high , Up to seven 、 Eight meters . It's totally different from the Rhododendron in our community . Secondly, there are many flowers , A tree can produce thousands of flowers .

Although the trees look different , But flowers are so similar . Even smaller branches can be divided into smaller ones . Each branch can produce several flowers , The most common are three . Every flower has 5 The petals are as thin as cicada wings , There is a bunch of dazzling flower cores in the middle , There is a small ball at the top like the finishing point , It's even more wonderful . Our colors are mainly pink , Occasionally there are white ones . The flowers in the mountains are also mainly pink , But you can see rose everywhere , More noble . In the mountains and fields of azaleas, how can we not recite a poem :

Ode to the cuckoo

Five or six fresh petals ,

I have a bunch of lace cores in my mouth .

Pink is pure and pure ,

Rose is warm and warm .

The sun is warm and fragrant ,

Attract bees to gather honey .

A little spring breeze is blowing ,

It's a butterfly dance .

The complex of cuckoo can't be finished by a poem . Although the Rhododendron looks delicate, it is very long and easy to live , all over the mountains and plains , It has tenacious vitality . That tenacity , How important is that tenacity in the multi-level competition among big powers . Rhododendrons can produce a bunch of flowers even on very small branches , One tree can cover a large area , That prosperity, whether it's family fortune 、 National destiny is what everyone expects .

Down from the top of the mountain, all the way East , We arrived at Qianzhuang at four o'clock , Complete the cormorant mountain crossing .

The people of luniao town have invested a lot in luniao mountain in the past two years , Ordinary tourists can follow the signs of the scenic spot , Walk smoothly on the stone steps or plank road , A comfortable free walk away tour . However, for our donkey friends, a good hiking route is missing , It's a pity that the .

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