Where is spring

2021-04-28 11:55:00  作者:Photography

writing : Jia Yuxia

It's late spring , It's getting warmer , The heating is off , It's a bit cold at home , I also have a thick quilt . Busy at work during the day , Come back to do the housework , There is an old man , Small under , A bunch of things , Basically no leisure . Occasionally, I can write a paragraph in my spare time , Or read or comment on articles well written by friends , Already feel luxurious , Already very satisfied, very satisfied . Although I have long thought of going for an outing outside the city , Be close to nature , Feel the breath of spring , Suffering from no time , There's no chance .

It's a busy day , Only at night , I can do what I like sometimes , To write what you want to write , Show the charm of words , Let your thoughts soar . What a quiet spring night ! Let go of the noise of the day , Busy day , Only the murmur of the night , Birds homing , Insects rest , Once in a while there was a dog barking and a cat barking . I'm sitting in bed , Write quietly, write , It's all about what I saw in the sunny spring .

The spring sun is shining , Spring is wonderful , Spring is deep , The spring breeze doesn't feel cold anymore , It is usually like a good child , in a cheerful frame of mind . It gently , Quietly blowing, blowing , Slowly brush the trees , The trees are green ; Brush the flowers , The flowers are blooming , Across the river , The river wakes up ; Across the mountains , Mountains and rivers are drunk , Put on a colorful coat , It's amazing ……

Once in a while , It's scary to lose your temper , It's incredibly powerful , Rolling up the fine sand of loess , It's dark , As if 《 Journey to the west 》 Second elder martial brother Li is here , It's like the Yellow robed monster is coming again , But it doesn't get angry very often , Always happy .

In the old days this season , I often wander in the fields , Linger in the embrace of spring , My feet are soft in the field , The land wakes up , Mountains wake up . The grass peeped out its head , A little yellow , Field head , Little river , The wild flowers on the hillside are blooming , colorful , Wantonly decorate the beautiful mountains and rivers . I'm enjoying the colorful spring , Spring's birdsong and fish leaping , Crabapple and peach in spring , The soft wind and rain in spring , Spring is full of vigor , In the spring of ……

Remember when the kids were kids , Every spring , Lead the children in the wild looking for spring . Children, little people look around , After a while, I found a new bud on the tree , Exclaimed with great surprise “ Mom , Spring is here .” I'll find the grass just emerging in a moment , I'll run after the birds , I'll look for tadpoles in the river later , I'll fly a kite later , The children's joyful laughter startled the birds , It's far, far away .