Yiyeji (21-4-28)

2021-04-28 11:48:08  作者:Literary FM

The deeper the pain , Love grows stronger .

Some love late maturing , But all the time .

The weather affects the mood , But mood is another kind of weather .

They told you to do that

But you know it has to be done

If it's because of taking that you give , Then other people's returns also come from trading .

The ignorant life needs to be proved , There is no cure for a stupid life .

Never change , No wonder , It's a hangover .

We don't have a complete life , Only a life of constant mending .

People are used to exaggerating , Sometimes it's said that often , I heard it was portrayed as what I saw with my own eyes , I see being told my own story .

There is no injustice , Only the price you are reluctant to pay and the price you can't afford .

Everyone is for life and benefit , Choose to use others , And helpless to be used by others .

poor and stronger , Poverty alone teaches tenacity .

The ripe fruit is like heavy and full tears , Fall off the branch in a hurry , It's too quiet to be sad .

In fact, life is a dream

In the end, nothing happened

It's just that some people wake up early

Some people never understand

Man , The reason why they are infatuated is because they are young , The reason why they are ruthless is because they are mature .

Life is just a dream of helplessness and self hypnosis .

Some people think that life will be sweet too early ,

At last, I suffered .

In fact, life is like rice mixed with sand ,

Because I don't want to throw it away .

How many people celebrate on the first day of eighteen , How many people linger on the last day of their lives .

If time could come back , What kind of life would you give yourself .

Maybe your last wish , It's your unfinished life .

It's not destiny who has arranged your step by step towards tragedy , And betrayed the soul again and again , Make you lose the social value of life , And lost the real joy of life , The prophet called it the enslaved and the misled .

Life is only once , How to make enough money ? Success or failure is just the result , It's the process that gives you endless aftertaste .


Tired of running all day , I didn't realize that a few days had passed since my birthday , The mother suffered and gave birth to a child , Not to make him suffer in the world . What's your life like , Mother doesn't know , But she once gave the best gift in the world —— life , I gave it to him .

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