2021-04-28 10:40:21  作者:Photography

Get up in the morning , The sound of rain outside the window , There are raindrops in the sky , Dripping on the leaves , Drop on the ground , On the sea , Usually when it rains, there are layers of fog in the sky , Hazy fog is like hazy me , The light mist floated to the other side of the mountain , To the other side of the stream , To the other side of the sea , If it also floats to your side , Tell her what you're doing .

The rain is still ticking , The sound of the rain drops in my heart , Ticking seems to wake something up , It's like waking something up , I woke up last time I climbed the mountain , Rain is also ticking , On the mountain road , It's just the two of us climbing the mountain , No one on a rainy day , They stay at home on rainy days , Just the two of us , On a rainy day like this , And a wild rabbit , The leaves are wetter and greener than when they are dry , There are also wet wild flowers , Strange than when there is no rain , On rainy days, there are still birds .